Have 10 Minutes? Lose Weight with this Workout

How many times have you wanted to work out only to find that you’re being pulled in a dozen different directions? 

Between your work, home, and social life, finding time to work out can be tough. If weight loss and muscle building is on your To Do List this year but your schedule is a chaotic storm, then you need to try circuit training. Can you spare 10 minutes out of your day to get in shape? Of course you can.

Let’s take a look at why circuit training is so effective and how you can maximize your benefits by wearing the Kutting Weight sauna suit.

Why Circuit Training?

Circuit training is one of the most time efficient and results-oriented exercise methodologies in the industry. It is a high intensity workout that only takes 10 minutes to complete. Be prepared to work! If you really want to see incredible results, you’ll want to suit up with the neoprene weight loss suit.

How to Do Circuit Training

  1. Select a variety of bodyweight-based exercises. No weights needed!
  1. Select a preferred number of repetitions per exercise. Choose higher numbers since there is no extra weight involved. For example, you may want to do 30 bodyweight squats as opposed to the traditional 8 to 12 in the weight room.
  1. Perform all the repetition for one exercise then immediately go to the next exercise. Keep going in this fashion until you have completed the entire list.
  1. Repeat if you have time or want to challenge yourself.

*Note: Be sure to wear the neoprene weight loss sauna suit if you want to amplify your body’s fat burning potential.

Circuit Training Workout

Here is a circuit training workout to get you started. Remember that when it comes to burning the most fat and building muscle, suit up for your workout with the Kutting Weight sauna suit.

  • Burpees: 10 repetitions
  • Push--up: 15
  • Jump Squats: 20
  • Pull-ups: 10
  • Stepping Lunges: 20
  • Mountain Climbers: 30
  • Lying Leg Lift: 25
  • Plank: 60 seconds

Boost Your Results with Weight Loss Clothing

Performing a high intensity circuit training workout will provide you with great results but if you want to supplement your progress, it’s time to invest in a weight loss suit. Weight loss clothes such as the Kutting Weight sauna suit have been scientifically proven to deliver amazing benefits in the areas of weight loss, muscle building, and sports performance.

Benefits of the Sauna Suit

  1. Greater Overall Weight Loss
  • You can lose up to 40% MORE weight just by wearing neoprene sauna suits during your workout.
  1. Burn More Calories During & After
  • The sauna suit has been shown to help your body burn up to 13% more calories during a workout. You’ll also keep burning MORE calories for hours after you finish.
  1. Boost in Endurance
  • If you play sports, wearing the weight loss suit during workouts can help you increase your endurance.

Plastic vs. Neoprene Sauna Suits

Don’t settle for the flimsy plastic suits that are flooding the market. Make the choice for neoprene. The neoprene weight loss suit is tough, durable, and effective. Best of all, it’s completely safe. Check out the Kutting Weight collection of neoprene sauna suits here.

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