Skeptical of the Sauna Suit? Here’s What Science Says About It.

It’s normal to be skeptical of any news that seems too good to be true.  Like when you heard on the news that chocolate was good for weight loss.You were probably overjoyed, but still skeptical.

With the Kutting Weight sauna suit, the benefits of weight loss, performance enhancement, and brain boosting probably sound just like that chocolate story.

If you’ve never heard of the Kutting Weight sauna suit, learn what it is here.

If you have heard of it, maybe you are skeptical.

Maybe you think that the sauna suit is ONLY useful for dropping water weight.

Maybe you think that only athletes can use it and you’ll get no benefit from it. 

The thing is that the Kutting Weight sauna suit has a number of scientific studies to back it up (unlike chocolate for weight loss, which turned out to be a hoax). 

Let’s review the most popular rumors about the sauna suit along with the science that puts those misconceptions to rest. 

sauna suit, science, benefits

Weight Loss is Temporary – I’ll Gain Everything Back

While it is true that the Kutting Weight sauna suit does promote a short-term water weight loss, that isn’t the entire story.

When used as a part of a diet and exercise program, the Kutting Weight sauna suit has been shown to support long term weight loss. Not only will you lose water weight immediately but over time, the sauna suit will help to keep body fat from coming back.

The sauna suit is able to do so by increasing calorie burning by up to 13% and EPOC (Excess Post Oxygen Consumption) levels by up to 22%. You’ll be burning more calories and your body will experience a boost in metabolism, which will support long term fat burning. 


  • The suit may be able to boost the number of calories you burn by up to 13%
  • The suit may be able to increase EPOC levels by up to 22%
  • The suit may result in an overall greater weight loss of up to 40%

It’s Only Good for Cutting Weight, Not Sports Performance

Sure, that’s the overall image of the sauna suit but this claim couldn’t be further from the truth. While sauna suits are used to ensure a specific weight is achieved before a weigh-in, its benefits for athletics and sports extend far beyond this.

The Kutting Weight sauna suit has been shown to increase total fatigue time, also known as your endurance.

Endurance is vital in the world of sports, regardless if you play basketball or soccer. Being able to go the extra mile is the difference between almost making it and victory. The Kutting Weight sauna suit was shown to increase athletic endurance by up to 67%. Imagine the applications for your fitness and sports goals.

What’s more, the Kutting Weight sauna suit can build up your tolerance to heat, allowing you to last longer during games, matches, or training that is taking place in a high heat environment.


  • The suit may increase your endurance by up to 67%
  • The suit may increase your tolerance to high heat environments 

I’m Going to Feel Miserable Wearing that Thing

Yes, your body temperature will safely increase to the point where you’re sweating but you’re going to feel far from miserable. Who says so? Science. 

When you expose your body to a controlled high heat environment, just like you’ll find with the Kutting Weight sauna suit, you trigger a number of brain boosting benefits. One of which is the release of serotonin.

Serotonin is a “feel good” chemical in the brain that naturally supports mood and overall mindset. The Kutting Weight sauna suit gives you the ideal conditions to trigger the release of this chemical, ensuring you’ll be feeling great during and after wearing it.


  • The suit may promote the release of the chemical serotonin – Known as the “feel good” chemical
  • The suit may boost cognitive function via increased myelin production and norepinephrine 

Still Not Convinced? Check Out Real Success Stories

William & the 175-Pound Transformation

sauna suit, science, benefits
  • William was told that he wouldn’t live to see his 53rd birthday.  Through a change in lifestyle and utilizing the Kutting Weight sauna suit, William was able to dramatically change himself and his life. Check out his story here

Anthony Lost Over 100-Pounds with Kutting Weight

  • Following a family tragedy, Anthony’s entire world changed. He set himself on the path to wellness and brought Kutting Weight along for the ride. Losing over a 100-pounds, Anthony looks incredible. Check out his story here.

Stu Becomes Healthier than His 20-Year Old Self

  • Stu believed his metabolism would always remain fast and fired up. He was wrong. Severely overweight, Stu turned to the Kutting Weight sauna suit and credits it as his tool to becoming healthier than his 20-year old self. If you want to read more about Stu’s story and see the dramatic “Before and After” pictures, click here.



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