Pairing Supplements: Why Creatine and Glutamine Are the Perfect Couple

While supplements have become common in the average household, it wasn’t always this way. Before the supplement boom, bodybuilders and performance athletes were the primary market for these products. What’s more, availability was limited and variety was slim. Two of the veteran supplements, creatine and glutamine, have withstood the test of time, only adding to their reputation with scientific studies.


Many use these two by themselves, missing out on a great way to maximize gains. Let’s review the benefits of both creatine and glutamine and discuss the reasons why you need to be pairing them together as a part of your supplement plan.


creatine, glutamine, benefits


Creatine: Energy and Performance

Ever wonder why creatine is added to nearly every popular pre-workout and post-workout supplement on the market?


While creatine doesn’t directly spike perceived energy levels like caffeine, it does provide much needed usable energy for muscle tissue in the form of ATP (adenosine triphosphate).


ATP is the preferred fuel source of muscle tissue, allowing you to pump out extra repetitions during your set. While the body generally makes one gram of creatine per day, this can be quickly used up intra-workout. This is why it’s important to supplement with creatine.


Studies suggest that creatine utilization resulted in increased intra-workout performance with an emphasis on strength and extra repetitions.


Timing isn’t going to make or break your results. You can use it before, during, or after your workout. The important thing is that you’re consistent. Make sure you’re using a standard 5-gram serving per day.


Glutamine: Recovery and Protection

On to glutamine: This ingredient has been getting a lot of attention outside of the fitness realm with studies recommending it for immunity and stomach healing.


Within the fitness world, glutamine is one of the most tried and true recovery and protection supplements. First, research suggest that glutamine may be able to reduce post-workout inflammation and muscle soreness.


What’s more, over training can lead to catabolic breakdown, or the wasting away of hard earned muscle protein. Glutamine may help to avoid this as it is considered a muscle sparing ingredient. Like creatine, you want to aim for at least 5 grams per serving. If you are really hitting the weights hard, it’s safe to bump it up to 10 grams (or double the dose) per serving.


creatine, glutamine, benefits 


Creatine & Glutamine: A Dynamic Duo

Creatine and glutamine are both great ingredients but is there a need to pair them together?


I’d argue that if you’re using one, you better be using the other. Creatine is an important ingredient to utilize as it supports muscle energy levels as well as intra-workout performance. Those few extra repetitions you’re able to get could be a huge help to your fitness goals, especially hypertrophy.


While creatine is busy boosting your performance, glutamine is ready to ensure that you are able to recover more efficiently. Better performance and improved recovery means a significant improvement in your results overall.


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