What is a Sauna Suit & How Does it Work?

Have you ever heard of the term “sauna suit”?

When you think about a sauna suit, you’re probably picturing a wrestler or boxer wearing a flimsy, gross-looking trash bag. 

Here’s the reality: sauna suits are NOT used exclusively by athletes and they are nothing like the garbage bag suits of the past.

Sauna suits are pieces of fitness clothing that are historically used for cutting weight, which is a quick way to shed water weight. The act of cutting weight is used primarily for competitions in sports such as MMA, wrestling, and other weight-based activities. Just because that is where the suit originated doesn’t mean that’s the only thing it can be used for. 

Here’s the thing: Today, sauna suits are being used more by everyday people, just like you and I, than by professional athletes. What are the suits being used for, if not sports? The sauna suits are being used by everyone from the average Joe to yoga moms to the elderly with the goal of bettering their health.

We understand that you may think sauna suits are only useful for shedding water weight but think again. Let’s take a look at what a sauna suit is, how it works, and what makes the Kutting Weight brand stand out above the rest. 

sauna suit, what is, benefits

What Is a Sauna Suit?

The sauna suit is a piece of comfortable and snug-fitting fitness clothing designed to safely and effectively raise your internal body temperature.

What can a simple increase in body temperature do for you? 

This gradual increase in body temperature triggers a number of bodily responses and benefits including improved cardiovascular health, enhanced cognitive function, and, of course, weight loss over the short and long term.

How Does the Sauna Suit Work?

A sauna suit is able to effectively capture your body heat and slowly raise your internal temperature. 

It’s not just about getting hot inside the suit. It’s about achieving a very precise body temperature to activate a metabolic response and the release of special protein cells called heat stress proteins. The sauna suit is able to safely increase your body temperature to scientifically proven levels to trigger the maximum benefits that have been verified in research and studies.

Understandably, you may be thinking that the sauna suit can ONLY be used to shed water weight or to prepare for a competition. The thing is that these are just two of the many benefits that a sauna suit can provide.

Again, the suit originated in the world of sports but that’s not where it has stayed. Sauna suits are being used to complement long term weight loss, boost exercise performance, and improve cardiovascular health. 

Wondering whether the sauna suit can benefit you?

Click here to read about who the sauna suit is for and who can benefit the most from using it.

Here’s the catch: Not all sauna suits are created equal. 

What Makes the Kutting Weight Sauna Suit Different Than Others?

Sure, there may be plenty of so-called “sauna suits” on the market but there are none like the Kutting Weight brand. Why? It all comes down to quality, results, and scientific studies.

First, Kutting Weight uses neoprene, which is an extremely durable and resilient material. Neoprene is able to handle your toughest workouts while avoiding odor-causing bacteria. Other sauna suits are made with a cheap (toxic - yes toxic) plastic-based material. As if the toxic part wasn't bad enough, these suits collect bacteria and often rip if you attempt any type of exercise or workout. 

Secondly, the Kutting Weight sauna suit has been designed with results and safety as the number one priority. It’s effective and it’s comfortable but most importantly, it’s safe. The Kutting Weight sauna suit has uniquely designed ventilation zones to help avoid over-heating. Cheap plastic suits offer no outlet for cooling, making them potentially dangerous to use.

sauna suit, what is, benefits

Finally, what sets Kutting Weight apart from other sauna suits has everything to do with results. The Kutting Weight sauna suit has been the subject of several studies, all confirming the suit to be a valuable health and fitness tool. If you want to read more about the studies performed on the Kutting Weight sauna suits, click here.



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