The Sauna Suit and the175-Pound Transformation

By: David Sautter, NASM CPT

From trash bags to rubber-lined material, the fitness accessory known as the sauna suit has typically been associated with wrestlers trying to make weight and bodybuilders hoping to achieve an elite level of definition before hitting the stage. Put simply: the suit has long been used almost exclusively in the world of sports. While the idea of a sauna suit as a life-saving device may seem strange, that’s exactly what it became for one man.

“My doctor told me I wouldn’t live to see my 53rd birthday.”


In September 2013, William Middleton weighed over 300 pounds. His oxygen levels were dangerously low on his best days. He scheduled countless appointments with his physician that always concluded in the same way: increasing the dosages of his medication. Caught in a vicious cycle of insulin, weight gain, and frustration, William saw no end in sight. His doctors did. They told him that he wouldn’t live to see his 53rd birthday.

“It was never about vanity. It was never to look good. It was for my family.”

This news was followed by the birth of his second son. It was after the delivery that William was informed his son was born with congenital heart disease. Immediate surgery was needed and the newborn may not make it. Sitting there, the news heavy on his shoulders of his son’s and his own possible death, William knew something needed to be done. “He was my inspiration,” said William, reflecting back on his son surviving the surgery. Moved by his son’s fighting spirit, William opted for his own, potentially life-threatening, surgery. With that decision, William took his first steps toward change.


Following the bariatric surgery, William was confined to his bed and limited to extremely light activity only. Waiting for his body to heal so that he could resume normal activities such as caring for his two sons, William began searching for answers. “What can I do to make this a positive move?” he asked himself. It was during this time that he discovered Kutting Weight. William was hesitant because of the family’s growing collection of medical bills. “I have no room for error and I can’t afford to make mistakes. I needed to be sure that this product would last.” Overcoming his doubts, William purchased a pair of 6XL Kutting Weight sauna suit pants. It was this investment that would radically change his life.

“It was one of the wisest decisions I have ever made.”

Making the commitment to wear the Kutting Weight sauna suit pants whenever he could, William noticed that he was quickly shedding weight. “It made me feel really good,” he said. Soon, the pants no longer fit and he was due to downsize. The pile of hospital bills still looming, William was forced to consider what his next step would be. “Each time I lost a size, I couldn’t run out and buy another pair but I was a firm believer in the brand. So I sewed and pinned the pants to fit.” William made alterations to his Kutting Weight sauna pants again and again as he watched the weight disappear. After several bouts of pinning and sewing, William decided to pass down his original 6XL pants and buy a new pair. That new purchase was for a medium size.

Despite the weight loss, a long road lay ahead for William. He had to learn to eat a proper diet that would be in line with his surgery and weight loss goals. Fitness, including the most basic of exercises, had to be re-discovered. All the while, William stayed dedicated to wearing his Kutting Weight sauna suit pants. Soon, his fitness program took on a life of its own, allowing the 53-year-old to push himself more than ever before. “I was doing some crazy things,” he laughs. “In 15 months of wearing the suit, not once did I have an injury.” Attributing his injury-free lifestyle to the heat therapy provided by the suit, William plans to remain loyal to himself and the Kutting Weight brand. “From now until the day I die, I believe that keeping your muscles warm [with the sauna suit] will prevent injury.”

“In 15 months, I surpassed anyone’s dreams of me losing weight.”

In December 2014, William weighed himself and the scale showed the numbers 125. He had made it to his 53rd birthday, lost 175 pounds, and gained confidence and security along the way.


When you see an incredible transformation like this, it’s hard not to wonder how it was accomplished. Lucky for you, we’re here to share William’s recipe for success. Let’s take a look at the top 3 most important factors that went into William defying all odds and doctor predictions.

Diet & Calorie Cutting
Due to William’s bariatric surgery, he was not able to consume the same large portions as before because of a possible rupture. It wasn’t just the dramatic drop in calories consumed, but it was William’s desire to start eating better that spurned the fat loss. Study after study has confirmed the benefits of a low-calorie diet coupled with a focus on back-to-basics nutrition. Put simply: The fewer ingredients in your food, the better. Here is a shopping list of vitamin-packed, fat-burning foods that have been proven to assist in a successful weight loss:

• Grass-fed Beef
• Buffalo
• Lamb
• Pork
• Chicken/Turkey
• Eggs
• Salmon
• Mahi Mahi
• Bass
• Cod
• Flounder

• Broccoli
• Cauliflower
• Kale
• Spinach
• Wheatgrass
• Watercress

• Apples
• Strawberries
• Oranges
• Cantelouple
• Avocado
• Banana

• Cashew nuts
• Walnuts
• Almond nuts
• Pumpkin seeds
• Flaxseeds
• Sunflower seeds

• Olive oil
• Coconut oil
• Flaxseed oil
• Avocado oil

Beverages (Focus on the basics!)
• Water (includes coconut water)
• Tea
• Coffee

Sample Meal Plan

• 2 eggs
• 1 organic breakfast sausage patty
• ½ of an apple
• ½ cup of organic whole wheat cereal

Mid Morning Snack
• 1 organic Greek yogurt
• ½ cup granola

• 4 oz. chicken breast
• 2 cups mixed greens salad
• 2 tablespoons of peanut butter
• ½ cup wild rice

Mid Afternoon Snack
• Protein shake
• ½ of an apple

• 4 oz. grilled wild salmon
• ½ cup broccoli
• ½ cup carrots
• ½ cup wild rice

• Protein shake
• ½ cup seasonal fruit

Sauna Suit
Wearing the Kutting Weight sauna suit played a huge role in William regaining and developing lean muscle mass. Even if you are not very active, like William, you can still reap the cardiovascular benefits from the sauna suit. Studies, such as this one published in Alternative Medicine Review, show that the heat therapy caused from the sauna suit acts like a low to moderate form of exercise for your body, even if all you are doing is walking around the house.

William wore his no less than four times per week. At first, he simply wore it around the house. When he was strong enough to do so, he began wearing it during his workouts. If you are new to the suit, here is our weekly recommendation:

Monday: Wear for 15 to 20 minutes (or as long as you can tolerate)
Tuesday: Wear for 15 to 20 minutes (or as long as you can tolerate)
Wednesday: Rest day
Thursday: Wear for 15 to 20 minutes (or as long as you can tolerate)
Friday: Wear for 15 to 20 minutes (or as long as you can tolerate)
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Rest

Bodyweight & Resistance Training

Once William had healed from his surgery and felt able to do so, he began incorporating exercise into his weekly routine. Lean muscle mass is your key to efficient calorie burning. The more you have, the more calories you can burn while doing nothing. One of the best ways to build muscle, as William can attest to, is through a full body workout using compound exercises. Full body workouts are extremely effective at burning fat as you can see in this study published in the American Journal of Physiology. Complete the following program three times per week, preferably while wearing your Kutting Weight sauna suit.

• Burpees: 2 sets of 8 to 10 repetitions
• Dumbbell Squat to Overhead Press: 3 x 15
• Spiderman Push-ups: 3 x 10
• Dumbbell Side to Side Lunges: 3 x 12
• Wide Grip Pull-ups: 3 x 10
• Dumbbell Lateral Raises 2 x 15
• Overhead Triceps Extension: 2 x 10-12
• Preacher Curls: 2 x 10-15
• Mountain Climbers: 3 x 20
• Plank: 2 x 30 seconds
• Wall Squat: 1 x Failure


William considers his 175-pound transformation just the first phase of his journey. Sporting a new pair of extra small Kutting Weight sauna suit pants and with muscle on the mind, William is currently beginning phase two of his total body evolution. At 53 years old, William wants to show the world that age is just a number as he strives to build strength and muscle mass. Ready to show the world what he’s capable of, he will be competing in the annual Transformation Challenge.

“When I’m told that I can’t do something… I’m going to do it. I’m going to show you.”

William’s inspiration for bettering himself has also changed. “It’s all about life,” said William confidently when asked why he continues to push himself. “If you want change, you have to do it for yourself. You have to be honest and you have to be accountable.” What began as a mission to preserve himself for the sake of his family has now become a quest to live life to its fullest, appreciating each day he has with his wife and two sons.

175 pounds ago, William was told that he would never live to see his 53rd birthday. Now, he’s able to do more than men half his age. In just 15 months, he completely transformed his body, his mind, and his life. Kutting Weight is proud to have been a part of William’s positive transformation and is excited to see what else William has in store for the future.


What is the suit that helped William change his life? Made with comfortable, durable, and flexible neoprene, Kutting Weight sauna suits are leading the way in fitness accessory technology. You can enjoy the convenience and efficiency of the sauna suit as you wear it during your normal workout, cardio class, or around the house to accelerate. The Kutting Weight sauna suit has been proven to accelerate your body’s ability to lose weight, build muscle, and improve your immune system. Check out all of the amazing benefits that the Kutting Weight sauna suit can provide you in this comprehensive article, featuring the latest research and study results.

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