The Holidays are fast approaching. That sentence brings joy and expectations for everyone, but it also brings the dreaded fear of weight gain. The average American gains approximately between one or two pounds during the period between Thanksgiving and New Year (but more if you are already overweight.) This is followed by the eternal New Year’s resolution of “losing” weight, which leads to a spike in gym memberships, and all ancillary businesses related to fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

At Kutting Weight, our approach is different. While we are not against increasing our market share and improving our business, ultimately, we are in this to change people’s lives. We want to provide our friends and neighbors to commit to a healthy approach to fitness and develop sound habits that will go beyond trendy fads and promises that our busy lifestyles cannot keep. Everything in moderation is our motto. Working out excessively is as bad as not working out at all. How many people do you see in the gym in January with bright new shiny outfits and comes March, they are nowhere to be found? We believe that a great workout regimen, in addition to a healthy diet will ensure a more productive and, dare we say it, a happier life.

Since we are in the business of apparel, let’s talk about how the right equipment can affect your workouts, or more importantly, how you feel when you work out. An ill fitting pair of shoes, too loose or too tight clothing or even a bad hat can affect how you perform even under the best of circumstances. Having the right gear for the right workout is essential for creating results you expect. Our Kutting Weight Sauna Suits provide a great way to not only lose water weight, but it also offers several benefits: It keeps your core temperature up, minimizing the risk of injuries (nothing worse than working out with cold muscles) it protects you against bacteria (wrestlers, boxers and practitioners of combat sports are very susceptible to staph infections) and… let’s face it, you’ll look pretty cool too. Looking the part plays an important psychological aspect to how we look at fitness.

You want to get in shape? Follow those easy tips:

-          Start!

-          Find a program you can stick with and that will keep you interested (running, boxing, cross fit, boot camps, etc.)

-          Start slowly and have realistic expectations

-          Enlist the help of a professional trainer

-          Purchase the right apparel and equipment

-          Don’t succumb to peer pressure (not everyone is meant to be a professional athlete, but as Nike says: Everyone is an Athlete!)

-          Set goals and keep to them

-          Start healthy eating habits

-          … Don’t give up, nothing worth doing is easy.

Finally, at Kutting Weight, it is our goal to provide you with the very best in apparel and equipment, which are specifically designed with you in mind! Don’t hesitate to contact us via our website:, become a fan of our page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.



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