Best Times to Utilize a Sauna Hoodie

As Fall approaches, the landscape of fitness attire and accessories will inevitably change with the season. Shorts will become track pants and tank tops will turn into long sleeve thermals. If you’ve been enjoying all of the benefits that your sauna suit has to offer but you’re afraid that it may become too cold to continue wearing it, Kutting Weight has the solution: the sauna hoodie. Made with the same revolutionary material and pattern as the sauna suit, the sauna hoodie can ensure that you reap the benefits of a sauna year round. Let’s take a look at what makes this the best sauna hoodie.

During a Winter Workout

If you’re an active runner or enjoy taking your workouts outside of the gym, then you’ll love the sauna hoodie. The extra material thoroughly insulates the entire upper half of your body with an emphasis on your head. The head and the feet are key to a person’s overall body temperature. Think about when you have cold feet; chances are your entire body feels cold.

The sauna hoodie allows your core body temperature to rise at a faster rate, ensuring that a higher number of heat stress proteins are activated. Heat stress proteins have been shown to be critical for protecting your muscle from degradation. They also increase healthy levels of growth hormone while boosting muscle growth and immunity. Raising your body temperature quickly during the colder months is just one benefit from the best sauna hoodie on the market. (1)

During Flu Season

As mentioned above, total body temperature increases result in a dramatic rise in heat stress proteins. Not only do these proteins protect muscle from breakdown but they offer support on a cellular level. To be specific, heat stress proteins enhance the functioning of the immune system. In other words, the more heat stress protein in your system, the more resilient your immune system. (1)

The sauna hoodie is an ideal way to achieve that total body temperature increase that is needed to release the maximum number of heat stress proteins. The thermal stress that the best sauna hoodie can provide may help keep you flu free all year round.

After a Workout

If you cannot wear the sauna hoodie during your workout, then be sure to wear it immediately afterward. Blood flow plays a critical role in post-workout recovery as it acts as the mechanism that delivers vital nutrients including oxygen to stressed muscles. The best sauna hoodie from Kutting Weight triggers a direct increase in blood flow to your entire body, ensuring proper nutrients are delivered for muscle repair. (1, 2)

The best sauna hoodie also trains your body to become more energy efficient. The heat stress created by the sauna hoodie ensures a higher level of nutrient delivery, thereby reducing your body’s dependence of stored glycogen. Remember that when you run out of stored glycogen, you’ll suddenly feel tired and sluggish. Making the best sauna hoodie a part of your daily workout routine will ensure complete recovery and improved performance. (2)


Don’t wait until that first chill of Fall sneaks up on you. Visit the Kutting Weight store today and make your investment in the best sauna hoodie. This elite quality training accessory will allow you to enjoy your outdoor workouts in Winter, stay healthy and reach your fitness goals.


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