Sauna Suit Reviews: Kutting Weight vs. the Competition

The days of using trash bags to shed weight are now a thing of the past. With the benefits of sauna suits now hitting the mainstream scientific community, fitness companies are jumping on the bandwagon. The trouble is that some companies have no realknowledge of what makes a great sauna suit. What’s more, these same companies are clueless when it comes to understanding what customers really want. Not all sauna suits are created the same. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular suits and why the Kutting Weight sauna suit stands tall above the rest.


  • Appearance: This two-piece suit is featured in all black with some white trim. Aesthetically, it doesn’t fit like a glove, as you envision with sauna suits. In fact, it reminded us of our days using trash bags as a suit.
  • Thickness: Made from a plastic-based material, this sauna suit lacks the thickness needed for natural heat retention. Instead, it relies on the non-breathable plastic-based material. (Check out our article on why you should avoid plastic-based suits at all costs.)
  • Flexibility / Durability: This plastic-based material lacks the flexibility needed for stretching-dominant workouts such as yoga and Pilates. As mentioned above, the suit is thin, making it susceptible to rips and tears. It is ideal for low-impact activities such as treadmill jogging.
  • Breathability: The suit offers no breathing pockets at all. This combined with the plastic-based material may place the wearer at a higher risk of heat exhaustion.
  • Common Complaints: The primary complaint about this suit from customers is that the quality of the suit is very low, causing ripping by the third or fourth wear.


  • Appearance: A two-piece suit with red and white trim that has the look of a traditional cotton-based sweat suit. It is a snug fit but still loose in some areas.
  • Thickness: Hosts a total thickness that is better than the Altus Athletic suit but still lacking.
  • Flexibility / Durability: The suit is made from an EVA nylon material that is leagues above the plastic-based material but is still very susceptible to performance tearing. We would not recommend this for any type of extreme workout such as martial arts training.
  • Breathability: The suit provides no areas of breathability, which is great for increasing your sweat rate but dangerous in that it increases your risk for exhaustion.
  • Common Complaints: The complaint that you’ll see the most about this suit is the short shelf life. Many users report that the suit ripped after only a few uses.                                                   



  • Appearance: This one-piece suit is a throwback to the jogging suits of the 80s. It is black with red and white trim. A unique feature is the hood of the suit, which may help increase your internal body temperature faster.
  • Thickness: While it is thicker than the other two suits listed, the ARD Champs sauna suit is still a cause for concern during any high impact, high intensity exercise. What’s more, depending on your washing machine, the suit may be at risk for ripping and tearing. A top loader will surely do harm to this suit.
  • Flexibility / Durability: As mentioned above, this sauna suit is of a higher caliber than the Fighting Sports and Altus suits, but you still have to take care during specific exercises. For instance, this would be an ideal suit for walking, jogging, running, and a beginner’s level cardiovascular class (e.g. – beginner’s boxing). We cannot recommend it for any type of jump training, yoga, or sports training.
  • Breathability: The suit prides itself on featuring a hood to increase the amount of sweat output. This would be great if the suit featured breathing zones for safety. Since this is not the case, your time in the suit will be very limited. What’s more, it is a suit made of Nylon and PVC (plastic). These two materials, aside from being environmentally unfriendly, are also low quality. Worst of all, these materials on a suit with no breathing pockets will greatly increase your risk for heat exhaustion.
  • Common Complaints: The biggest complaints that you’ll find with this suit are in regards to the suit tearing after only a few uses as well as the suit running smaller than advertised.


  • Appearance: A one-piece suit that fits exactly to your specifications. The suit is a dark charcoal gray color with yellow trim.
  • Thickness: Made from high quality Neoprene material, the suit provides a comfortable thickness that is ideal for safely raising body temperature during extreme activities.
  • Flexibility / Durability: The suit is very snug but still allows for maximum flexibility. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber material that can be worn in extreme temperatures. For instance, deep-sea divers can wear it but so can athletes training in the summer. Best of all, Neoprene is renowned for its toughness.
  • Breathability: The Kutting Weight sauna suit offers ventilation zones, which allow for maximum breathability. You can experience all the benefits of a sauna while lowering your risk for heat exhaustion.
  • Common Complaints: The biggest complaint from customers concerns the sizes of the suits. Buying a sauna suit may be confusing because not all sizes run the same. To eliminate the confusion, Kutting Weight has created a custom size chart for your reference.


Your needs are important to us. We understand our customers’ needs because we have the same needs. We are athletes. We are former wrestlers who had to use trash bags to make weight. We know exactly how difficult it is to find a suit that works. That’s why we made our own. A sauna suit for athletes made by athletes. That wasn’t enough for us. It is because we care about our customers that we aim to educate. Not all sauna suits are created equal. Many are dangerous. Most are made by companies looking to jump on a trend. That is not how Kutting Weight operates. We want to help every customer achieve his/her goal, that is why we are on a mission to educate and inspire.

What really sets Kutting Weight apart from the others? Is it the high standard of quality, ensuring you can tackle the toughest workouts without worrying about rips or tears? This helps but it’s not the main reason. Understanding is what sets us apart from every other company out there. We listened to dozens of complaints from fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and friends. We took their words seriously and created a suit based around the needs of real people. Kutting Weight cares greatly for what our clients expect in a weight loss product. Experience the difference for yourself. Check out the latest collection of Kutting Weight sauna suits today.

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