How a Sauna Hoodie Can Benefit You

Although they are made from the same proven and reliable material, the Kutting Weight sauna suit and sauna hoodie have their own unique features. If you’re in the market for an effective way to lose weight, build muscle, and achieve your dream physique, you may want to consider the men’s sauna hoodie or the women’s sauna hoodie. Let’s take a look at the amazing benefits that the sauna hoodie can provide to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Increases Body Temperature Faster

The hood on the men’s sauna hoodie and women’s sauna hoodie makes all the difference. More material means more of your body is covered. This will allow you to reach an ideal body temperature at a faster rate. What’s more, the head is one of the key areas to respond to temperature changes. With your head covered by the hood, you’ll notice a far more efficient body temperature increase, providing an ideal environment for heat stress proteins.

Higher Level of Heat Stress Proteins

By increasing your body’s temperature to an ideal level, the men’s sauna hoodie and the women’s sauna hoodie will effectively amplify the number of heat stress proteins in your body. Heat stress proteins play several key roles for weight loss and muscle building. These proteins protect current muscle mass, encourage the development of more lean mass, boost metabolism, and support growth hormone production. (1)

Increased Recovery Rate

The men’s sauna hoodie and the women’s sauna hoodie can amplify your recovery during a workout as well as post workout. Worn during your workouts, the sauna hoodie effectively increases your body’s ability to utilize energy efficiently. There will be less of a demand to deplete glycogen stores, instead focusing your fuel supply on stored fat cells. (1, 2)

Whether you’re on the path to weight loss or muscle mass, the men’s sauna hoodie and the women’s sauna hoodie can ensure a higher level of recovery following your workout. By improving your blood flow, the sauna hoodie effectively increases your total body nutrient uptake. This provides the muscles with the material needed to initiate repair processes, ensuring you can recover faster. (1, 2)

Enhanced Muscle Growth

If you want to promote enhanced lean muscle mass, then the men’s sauna hoodie and the women’s sauna hoodie is exactly what you need. While wearing the sauna hoodie, your body’s supply of heat stress proteins will dramatically increase. Two key things happen as a result:

  • Protein synthesis (total protein presence) is improved
  • Higher levels of growth hormone is released

Protein synthesis is the key to building muscle mass. Heat stress proteins protect your current muscle from degradation while promoting an anabolic, or growth, environment. What’s more, heat stress proteins will also encourage the production of growth hormones such as testosterone, which is an important ingredient for muscle building. (1)

Amplified Metabolic Rate

One of the best benefits of the men’s sauna hoodie and the women’s sauna hoodie is its ability to boost your overall metabolic rate. Just like when you step into a real sauna, your heart rate and metabolic rate will improve by up to 20%. This jump in metabolism can help you achieve your weight loss and shredding goals. (3)


If you’re ready to accomplish the goals that you’ve set for yourself, the men’s sauna hoodie and the women’s sauna hoodie are ready to help. Armed with several unique benefits, the sauna hoodie is ideal for any man or woman looking to lose weight, build muscle mass, train for a sport, or simply improve overall health. Check out the Kutting Weight sauna hoodie today!


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