Amazing success stories from within our Kutting Weight community

We are very proud of our Kutting Weight community and their commitment to leading healthy and fit lifestyles. You encourage and inspire us and each other on a daily basis. We genuinely love hearing and seeing how our customers have transformed their lives by incorporating the Kutting Weight clothing, along with the permanent diet and lifestyle changes that we know need to take place for weight loss and fitness goals to be successful.

Recently, we asked our Kutting Weight customers to send in photos of their progress and their success stories for the chance to trial one our new prototypes! We are very excited about our new neoprene products, developed with our customer feedback in mind, and hope to be able to bring them to you very soon! Here is a sneak peak:

And here are our winning entries - each of these customers has been enlisted to trial one of our new prototypes - we can't wait to hear their thoughts and experiences!


I wear Kutting Weight clothing almost every single day and love how comfortable it is! I have the one piece and the 2 piece suits and now I want the entire purple set!!!!
Here is my story on how I started my body transformation and became healthy. All through my high school years I was heavier and unmotivated. I spent a good amount of time eating and honestly laying around. At the end of my senior year I started doing Tae bo. I felt amazing but as years past I again fell into my sedentary life style. After having my daughter and son my weight increased further. One day I was chasing my daughter up my steep staircase and became light headed and completely out of breath. I thought to myself “oh my gosh I'm only 31 and I can barely go up a flight of stairs. How am I going to keep up with both of my children???” The day was October 28th 2012 and I will never forget that day. That was the day I changed my mind, the way I think. I started eating better, cut back in a lot of ways and started incorporating Tae bo and yoga into my everyday routine. I began 6 days a week, first 20 mins then 30 then 40 then 50 and now I am averaging cardiovascular between 50 to 90 mins a day. I initially started by wearing the cheap sweat suits sold at Walmart. I then found out about Kutting Weight and from that point on I have been in love!!!!!! I was 227 pounds when I started and I am now about 150. Never been happier in my life! I want you to know that Kutting Weight is a true inspiration and helps motivate me to have a cleaner healthier lifestyle so I can be around many years to come.



The Kutting Weight Sauna Suit has been a very important tool for me during my workouts. I have lost a substantial amount of inches at many points on my body since incorporating Kutting Weight. I feel that the being able to work up a good sweat has really helped me to take off these inches off. I've had people at the gym say that neoprene doesn't work, however I am living proof that it does. I don't do any of my work outs without my Kutting Weight Sauna Suit!


Kutting Weight is freaking awesome! Great design, mobility and most of all it helps you break a massive sweat. The suit was definitely a factor in taking me from 217lbs to 175lbs. I'm back to my "fighting" weight and feel good.


The Kutting Weight suit has been a huge part of my journey and has helped my to reach my goal. I have lost 24lbs and many inches. It is a great product and is also much easier to wrestle in than plastics. I have recommended Kutting Weight to many. Thanks again Dustin Zahursky. 

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