Running with Kutting Weight.. What are the benefits?

Why Run?

There are many more health benefits to running than meets the eye. Initially, you may start running to slim down or increase fitness; however after a very short time the additional benefits will become apparent. Regular running/jogging is not only good for our waist lines; it can also help you to:

• Continue burning calories after your run has finished: We know that running burns calories, but this effect doesn’t stop when your run stops – the increased calorie expenditure is ongoing. Studies have shown that regular running boosts "afterburn" (the number of calories you burn post-exercise), as your metabolism remains increased for a period of time following the run (some studies suggest up to 14 hrs). You don't have to be sprinting either - the “afterburn” gets triggered when you run just slightly faster than your easy pace.



Live Longer: Even if you just meet the minimum amount of physical activity—30 minutes of exercise per day, five days a week—studies have shown you can add years to your life. Running is one of the easiest and simplest methods to get this 30 minutes down, simply step out your front door and you’re already on your way!

• Feel Happier: One study found that 30 minutes of running five days a week for three weeks boosted sleep quality, mood, and concentration during the day. Other studies suggest that running helps you cope with anxiety and stress even after you're done running. Ever heard of the term ‘Runner’s High’? This term refers to the release of endorphins runner’s often experience which is likely responsible for many of these mood enhancing effects.

• Protect Your Knees And Bones: Chances are, you've had family, friends, and strangers tell you, "Running is bad for your knees." Well, science has proven that it's not: Studies show that it actually improves knee health. Plus, running increases bone and muscle mass, which can even help prevent age-related bone loss and falls.

• Improve athletic endurance: This one seems self-explanatory; of course running will help you improve your endurance. If you are persistent, you will be able to run faster and longer in no time. This is also beneficial though, as it can enhance your performance in other sports and other types or workouts. If you have good athletic endurance you will be able to pick up just about any other sport or physical activity and excel – circuit training, basketball, swimming – you name it.

• Tone up: When you are running, without noticing it, many of your other muscles groups are switched on and active. During a run, you can feel it throughout your calves and thighs for the most part and running definitely has a great toning effect on the legs. In addition, you will be subconsciously tensing and switching on your abdominal muscles and arm muscles – so running really is the ultimate all over body workout.

Starting out - Beginner's FAQs

• Where should I run?
Find a variety of safe, traffic-free routes that you can regularly take in a variety of weather conditions. Road runners should run against traffic, unless you're approaching a blind curve; in that case, switch sides until it's safe to cross back. Stay to the right on trails and park paths. On a track, run counterclockwise, and stay clear of the inner lanes. Treadmill runners should go slow enough to run normally—gripping the handrails can cause injury.

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• When should I run?

Plan to run whenever you're most likely to get it done. Many runners find that they have an easier time fitting in a workout if they tackle it first thing in the morning. However, if that doesn't work with your schedule, find a time that does, and treat your running time as a non-negotiable must-do.

• How do I start?

Go into every workout with the idea that you'll finish strong. No matter how long you plan to go, start out slowly to warm up and gradually raise your heart rate

• How do I know how fast to go?
When you're running, if you can sing, you're likely going too slowly. If you are huffing and puffing, you're going too fast. You should be able to hold a conversation. Adjust your pace to stay at the right effort level.
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Running with Kutting Weight

If you have been running a while and you are ready to step it up a notch, Kutting Weight is the answer! Wearing the Kutting Weight clothing during a run can take you to that next level by enhancing your athletic endurance and running ability. As Kutting Weight acts to increase your core temperature and enhance sweat rate, you can achieve the same effects on the body in a 3 mile run that would otherwise take 6-8 miles to achieve i.e. you can maximize your heart rate, sweat rate and energy expenditure in a much shorter time frame (and who doesn’t love a time saver!). Additionally, by wearing the suit during a run your body will be working a lot harder and it will certainly feel this way. Think of it as similar to running with a weight belt or breathing mask - Kutting Weight acts as a fitness tool to program the body to become accustomed to this higher level of intensity. As the body adjusts to the increased work load, your athletic endurance will increase alongside it. This means that next time you do that same run without the suit, it will feel like you can run faster and further than before. Conditioning the body to heat in this way, or hyperthermic conditioning as it is known, has a myriad of other beneficial effects on the body including promoting muscle growth, relieving stress, improving cardiovascular health and many more. Read more about the additional benefits of hyperthermic conditioning in one of our previous articles by following the hyperlink.

The Kutting Weight clothing is the perfect tool if are looking to refresh your running routine or you are wanting to add on those few extra miles but finding it difficult. It is time to transform your run and become faster and fitter than you have ever been before!

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