Q&A with Kutting Weight - we answer all our most frequently asked questions!

How do I know what size I should get?
Our sizes are based primarily on height and weight. We have sizing charts on our website to help you out. The sizing for Kutting Weight clothing runs slightly differently than the sizing of your everyday wear, therefore you may not wear the same size in the Kutting Weight clothing as you do with your street wear clothing, so please consult the sizing chart closely before making a purchase. If you do not fit into an exact sizing category on the charts, it is best to lean more toward your weight and chest measurement, to ensure the clothing will not fit too tight.

See our sizing charts here: http://kuttingweight.com/pages/sizing-charts

How is the clothing meant to fit, tight or loose?

The clothing is not meant to fit too tightly, it should fit slightly loose to allow for good range of motion during your workouts. If your clothing becomes increasingly loose over time as you lose weight, this is not a problem. Even when quite loose the neoprene is still highly effective and will still bring on a great sweat.

Can I order over the phone or do I need to do it on the website?
All orders are placed through our online stores including our website, Amazon.com and Ebay.com. It is a very easy and straight forward process. You will be able to see the total cost including shipping charges before you finalize payment. Any credit card or payment details provided are protected by our online security software, Authorize.net.

What is the difference between ordering on the Kutting Weight website or on Amazon?
There is no difference; all prices and products will be identical. It just comes down to customer preference, for example if you are an Amazon Prime Member you may wish to purchase through Amazon.

How does the clothing help me lose weight? Is it only going to be short term water weight?
Of course, with the accelerated sweat rate, you will also lose water weight, which is more temporary and will be regained when you drink fluid (this can be beneficial for competitive reasons).
At the same time, the clothing also promotes longer term and more permanent weight loss (fat loss). When you work out in the Kutting Weight clothing, it acts by trapping in your body heat which in turn increases your core temperature. In response, your body will start to work a lot harder and use more energy (calories) to:
a) Create and then release excess sweat as a mechanism to try to cool the body
b) Circulate more blood to fuel our muscles and get them moving
With this increase in body temperature and work load placed on the body, you will be burning significantly more calories during a workout that you otherwise would be without the suit during the exact same workout.

What is neoprene? Is there stretch in the material?
Neoprene is a synthetic material best known for its application in making wet suits used by surfers and divers to stay warm. Neoprene is highly sought after for its thermal properties, as it helps to trap the body heat of the wearer which in turn increases core body temperature. This heat generating property makes neoprene the ideal material to use for creating a sauna suit, as we have done at Kutting Weight. In addition to this, neoprene is highly flexible and durable meaning it will stretch and move with the body through any type of workout and will not rip or tear like the conventional plastic sauna suits do.






How often can I wear the clothing?
There is no set amount of days per week or length of time that we recommend to wear the suit. Essentially, you can wear the suit as often as you feel comfortable, provided that you are staying sufficiently hydrated and taking a rest when need be. Most people will find a ½ to 1 hour work out daily (or every other day) is more than enough time in the suit, and will experience the beneficial effects within this time. Other people like to wear the suit for longer periods throughout the day i.e. doing house work or even while running around after the kids! Just keep in mind; it won’t take much for you to start to sweat a lot! In terms of tolerance to this heat, everyone is very different, so just make sure to listen to your body and find out what works best for you.

How quickly can I expect to lose weight?
As with any fitness tool, there cannot be a 100% guaranteed time frame or amount of weight you can lose. The key to accelerating weight loss is consistency, meaning the more often you wear the KW clothing the better. Be sure to use it during every workout, ideally AT LEAST 3-4 times per week. This teamed with a clean diet, good hydration and plenty of rest will provide fantastic results that we are confident you will be very happy with. As the clothing promotes sweat loss, you could easily loose a few lbs in water weight with each workout, which is very quick yet temporary weight loss. The longer term permanent fat loss will come with focus and persistence. A safe and realistic rate of weight loss is 1-2 lbs per week.

What type of workouts can the Kutting Weight clothing be used for?

Any type of workout or physical activity you would do in regular fitness clothing can also be done in Kutting Weight! It has been designed to wear during all types of activities from Running, Yoga, Group Fitness Classes, Riding bike, Hiking, Lifting Weights, Wrestling, Boxing, Ju-jitsu, Snowboarding… you name it! We even have customers who love wearing the KW clothing while gardening or doing the house work! 

How do I care for/wash the KW clothing?
The best way to wash and care for the KW clothing is by hand washing the clothing with a gentle detergent (like Woolite) and letting it hang dry after each use. This can even be done in the shower after a workout for convenience – simply spray it down with water then hang dry overnight and you will be good to go the next day! You can occasionally machine wash and dry it (using regular laundry detergent). Hand rinsing ensures longevity of the clothing.

What is the difference between the Suit vs. the shirt & pants – do I need to wear all 3 together?
The only difference between the shirt & pants vs. the suit is a matter of personal preference. The suit is a one piece article of clothing with less coverage over the arms and legs, that can be worn under your regular workout attire, therefore allowing it to be less conspicuous. The shirt & pants are 2 separate pieces that are long sleeve and have more coverage over the arms & legs. The shirt & and pants are worn as is, not clothing over them is necessary. In terms of function and purpose, they are equally effective. However the shirt and pant combo allow you the liberty of mixing and matching sizes in accordance to your body type. The suit tends to fit those on the shorter side a bit better. You can mix and match the pieces to your own liking.

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