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Following on from our first blog post this week, fitness trends are slowly but surely moving away from traditional indoor gym workouts. With the weather warming up across the country, now is the perfect time to get outdoors and try something new. Whether it be hiking, cycling or a leisurely hit of tennis, Kutting Weight has you covered! Our clothing is designed to move with you through all types of workouts and while it is great for those sweaty gym sessions, it can also be a fantastic fitness tool for just about every type of workout you can imagine! By increasing your body’s core temperature during exercise, the Kutting Weight clothing helps to add that extra element that causes you to work harder than you otherwise would without the suit. Think you normally wouldn’t break a sweat during an evening stroll in the park? Think again! In KW, even light activities can be beneficial and have you sweating and burning additional calories.

So mix it up a little, get out there in your KW clothing and try something new like:
• Grab a friend, some boxing gloves and head to the park
• A friendly game of tennis
• Go cycling (the non-stationary kind) or mountain biking
• Hiking (one of our favorite activities to do in our KW suits)
• Take a dance class – something new like Salsa or Hip Hop
• Outdoor Yoga

We love seeing some of the creative and new ways the KW community like to incorporate their Sauna Suit clothing. Here are some of our favorite snap shots of KW in action.

Be sure to send in your ‘KW in action shots’ to be added to the collection!
If you have any other ideas or a favorite workout of choice, comment below. We’d love to hear about it!









  • Hi Ursula,

    Stay tuned over the next couples of weeks – you may be pleasantly surprised! We are in the process of bringing some exciting new products to our KW customers – follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for all the updates!

    Kutting Weight Team

    Kutting Weight
  • I love all of my kutting weight apparel and it fits me good. But why don’t you sell just the shorts? I need the shorts and not the full pants or another suit. I’m sure there are a lot more people looking for the same thing. And I’m sure the shorts would be a big hit. I just love the quality of the material.

    Ursula St. Eloi

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