5 Health & Lifestyle Benefits of Regular Exercise – Beyond weight loss.

We know that a regular exercise routine can help prevent excess weight gain or help promote weight loss. When you engage in physical activity, you burn calories. The more intense the activity, i.e. an intense Kutting Weight workout, the more calories you burn which, if your diet is in check, will equate to weight loss. Losing weight makes us look and feel particularly great, but have you ever wondered what goes on internally when you exercise or lose weight? What changes occur in the body and why is it exactly that we start to feel so much better?

The benefits physical activity stretch far beyond external weight loss and physical appearance. Research has shown time and time again that regular exercise can have you in tip top shape both physically and mentally, regardless of your age, gender or physical ability. Need more sleep, want to de-stress or reduce your risk of a number of diseases? Then read on as we discuss the health and lifestyle benefits of regular exercise, beyond weight loss.

No 1. Exercise reduces risk of a number of conditions and diseases:

Regular physical exercise is one of the single most important preventative factors for a whole range of lifestyle related diseases and conditions. Firstly, studies have shown that exercising increases levels of HDL or ‘good’ cholesterol and reduces levels of lipid (fat) in the body. HDL cholesterol helps to clean out our arteries and prevent them from getting blocked up. Clear arteries mean a healthy blood flow and blood pressure which overall reduces risk of heart disease and stroke. Exercise also improves and builds muscle mass, which is another very important consideration especially as you age. Sufficient muscle mass can help with balance and stability. As bone density decreases with age, a good amount of muscle also helps to protect the bones if you were too fall, by having a cushioning effect to prevent fractures and breaks. By lowering our body weight through physical activity, we can also improve what is known as ‘insulin sensitivity’ which prevents and can also treat Type 2 Diabetes. So, if you have a family history or think your lifestyle may be putting you at risk of any of these conditions, regular exercise is your solution…Remember, prevention is much better than a cure!

No 2. Exercise improves mood:

If you are feeling stressed, run down or just a bit flat… getting in as little as 30 minutes of exercise daily has been shown to improve mood and help to reduce negative feelings. This is not just an imagined feeling either... it’s chemical! When we exercise our brain is stimulated to release those feel good happy hormones endorphins, leaving us feeling light and relaxed. Additionally, as you start exercising you will see your body start to change which may make you feel happier with your physical appearance, helping to give your confidence and self-esteem a boost!

No 3. Exercising will boost your energy... not drain it:

Many of us relate a hard sweaty workout in our Kutting Weight gear with complete exhaustion afterward! However, most people who work out regularly will agree that, after this initial exhaustion you feel GREAT! Full of energy - more so than ever before. You’re not falling asleep at your desk or reaching for coffee like clockwork every 2 hours. By exercising you will improve your endurance, cardiovascular health and muscle mass as we mentioned previously. With more muscle, you won’t tire as easily and more oxygen and nutrients will be delivered to the tissues to help them work more effectively. This includes the heart muscle, as exercise can lower blood pressure and reduce the strain on this muscle so it does not have to work as hard, hence the extra energy! These processes are otherwise known as ‘getting fit’!

No 4. Exercise will help you to sleep better:

After a hard workout session, bed never looked so good. Exercising daily will tire you out and help you to sleep better than you have in years. It will also help you sleep easy by clearing your mind and reducing anxiety and stress (both of which commonly cause interrupted and poor sleep for many people). Just don’t exercise too close to bedtime as that post workout buzz may mean you are a little too energized for sleep straight away – try to leave at least 2hrs between finishing a workout and bed time!

No 5. Exercise can be fun (& an excuse to socialize):

Exercise can be a lot of fun and a great way to unwind. When you are working out or exercising with a friend, it usually won’t even feel like exercise! You will be chatting away and before you know it an hour has gone by and that group fitness class is over. Playing a game of tennis, hiking with a friend, shooting hoops, hitting up the local park with some boxing gloves… whatever it may be, exercise doesn’t have to be boring. Group fitness and personal training classes can also be a fun way to get fit and before long you will be going back not only for the training, but to catch up with the friends you have made along the way.

So, if you needed that extra bit of motivation there it is. We all knew exercise was good for us in many ways and know we know why. The benefits reach much further than a change in physical appearance and will keep you looking healthy, living longer and feeling energized and on top of the world. So grab your Kutting Weight suit and get going!

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