Swap Your MMA Shorts for Sauna Pants for Maximum Results

Many athletes don’t think twice about the quality of their uniform. While it may seem insignificant, if you are involved with fighting-based sports, you know how important a clean, durable, and effective uniform can be. Whether you’re sporting shorts in Muay Thai or a full uniform in Shotokan Karate, you practice to get better. Why not make your uniform work for you?

By swapping out your MMA pants or shorts for sauna pants from Kutting Weight, you can take advantage of numerous proven benefits. Let’s take a look at how the sauna pant can improve your athletic and fighting ability. 

How Sauna Pants Improve Performance

In the latest study from Dr. Lance Dalleck and his team at Western State Colorado University, the Kutting Weight sauna pant was proven to be an effective tool at boosting athletic performance. Subjects wearing the sauna clothing showed an increased total fatigue time. That means they were able to last longer playing their sport. How much longer?

61.7% longer!

In the world of MMA, being the guy or girl with more endurance is how matches get won. Don’t take a chance on your opponent. Wear sauna pants to secure your place in the victory box. (1, 2)

Kutting Weight sauna pant also increase your heat tolerance. Have you ever trained so hard that you suddenly felt overwhelmed by how hot it was? You immediately sit down from fear of passing out. If you want to increase your endurance while improving your tolerance to high temperatures, like you’ll find in the ring, then it’s time you let the sauna pants from Kutting Weight help you. (1-3)

Sauna Pant: Not Your Average Fitness Clothing

MMA is a rough and tough sport. From being thrown around to finding your way out of submission maneuvers, any average uniform you wear is likely to tear. The Kutting Weight sauna pant, on the other hand, is made to handle your most extreme training. The neoprene material that you’ll find in every pair of Kutting Weight sauna pants is unbelievably durable. It survived a series of tests and was deemed completely safe by Dr. Dalleck himself. (1) 

Wear Sauna Pants During These Drills

Want to get the most from your Kutting Weight sauna pant? Try wearing them during these cardio-driven drills:

Body Slams

  • Using a weighted dummy, engage in a full wrap around with your arms.
  • Pick the dummy up and quickly swing it to the left, slamming it on the ground.
  • Repeat the movement for the other side, switching back and forth.

Laps and Jumps

  • Perform a light jog around your ring / studio / dojo.
  • After each lap, change up how you make it around.
  • Try alternating from the following: running backward, leap frogs, crab shuffles, jump squats, and bear crawls.

Kicking the Pads

  • Have a partner hold and brace a foam pad against the upper leg.
  • Starting in the left stance, kick the pad 50 times with the right leg, focusing on power and not speed.
  • Kick it 50 more times focusing on pure speed.
  • Repeat this on the other side.


Tradition may warrant the use of shorts or flimsy pants, but if you’re serious about winning your next match, you need to step up your clothing game. Wearing the sauna pant from Kutting Weight is a simple and proven way to increase endurance and heat tolerance. Training in the sauna pants can be the difference between victory and falling short. Win your match with the help of the latest collection of sauna pant from Kutting Weight.


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