Spring Sauna Clothing for Outdoor Adventures

Can you believe that Spring is right around the corner? Seems like only yesterday that you were shoveling the snow from your driveway and now you aren’t wearing as many layers. Soon enough, it’ll be time for Spring Cleaning and breaking out the lighter wear. If you’ve been wearing your sauna clothing all Winter long, you probably can’t imagine wearing those durable pants and long sleeve shirts as the weather starts to get warmer. Lucky for you, Kutting Weight has designed a line of sauna clothing that is ideal in the sunshine of Spring. Introducing the short sleeve sauna shirt from Kutting Weight.

Let’s take a look at what makes the short sauna sleeve shirt an elite product along with the best times to wear it this Spring.

Highlights of the Short Sleeve Sauna Shirt

Just because it’s lighter doesn’t mean it’s not as effective. The short sauna sleeve shirt is made with the same tough neoprene material as the Winter line. The difference is that it’s comfy and built to handle all your outdoor activity adventures. This neoprene material is extremely durable and built to last during your toughest workouts. Used by every type of athlete, the short sleeve sauna shirt can take the hits and keep on going.

Best of all, the short sauna sleeve shirt is completely safe. Specially designed ventilation zones throughout the suit ensure your body can regulate temperature. It’s also one of the most hygienic fitness products on the market as it doesn’t absorb odor-causing bacteria.

Proven Benefits of the Short Sauna Sleeve Shirt

The Kutting Weight short sauna sleeve shirt is more than a fashionable piece of fitness clothing. It has been proven in several studies to be an effective tool for everyone ranging from professional athletes to the general fitness population.

Worn on a consistent basis, the short sleeve sauna shirt can provide the following benefits:

  • Helps to dramatically decrease cardiometabolic risk factors (cholesterol, blood pressure, etc)
  • Increases performance and endurance threshold
  • Promotes a healthy weight loss
  • Results in an overall greater weight loss
  • Increases heat tolerance (1-3)

Whether you wear it during your workouts or in the comfort of your home, you’ll see results.

Best Outdoor Adventures for the Short Sleeve Sauna Shirt

Take a Swing

  • Step up your golf game while wearing the short sleeve sauna shirt.

Family Friendly Games

  • Touch football, Frisbee, or soccer are all great games to play with the family while wearing that sporty short sauna sleeve shirt.

Sunday Brunch

  • If you have to get in those extra calories, why not safeguard yourself and guarantee those calories get burned off? Just by wearing the short sauna sleeve shirt, you are increasing your body’s metabolic rate.


Now that the weather is starting to change for the better, you’ll want to get outside as much as possible. That doesn’t mean you have to leave behind the fitness tool that has brought you this far. Suit up with the short sauna sleeve shirt this Spring and continue on your track to success. Made with the elite quality neoprene material, the short sleeve sauna shirt is ready to keep you at your best all year long. Check out the Spring collection of the short sleeve sauna shirt from Kutting Weight here.


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