Men’s Sauna Hoodie: A Guy's Guide to Fat Loss

January 12, 2016

It’s becoming more common to hear “weight loss” as one of the main goals for guys. Men still want to build muscle mass but they want to lose that spare tire even more. Men are at a genetic advantage when compared to women. Genetics favor guys for fat loss and muscle building. That certainly doesn’t make it as easy as it sounds. 

The best way to lose weight is through a healthy diet and exercise program. That’s all well and good but what about taking your weight loss to the next level? If you want to fast track your weight loss, then you need to buy men’s sauna pants and men’s sauna hoodie. Let’s take a look at how these two pieces of sauna clothing can help you succeed.

Buy Men’s Sauna Pants, See Real Results

When you buy men’s sauna pants, you’re taking workout clothes to a new level. Sauna-based clothing such as the men’s sauna hoodie is made with a revolutionary material called neoprene. It’s the same material that keeps divers warm as they explore the depths of the ocean. It’s ideal for mimicking the environment of a real sauna and providing you with those same benefits. Buy men’s sauna pants and wear them around the house or during your workouts. You’ll enjoy the following scientifically proven benefits:

  • Greater caloric expenditure (Up to 13% more calories burned)
  • Dramatic increase in EPOC levels (Up to 22%)
  • Boost in your metabolic rate (Up to 20.8%) (1)

Men’s Sauna Hoodie Improves Performance

In the latest study from Dr. Lance Dalleck, sauna clothing from Kutting Weight such as the men’s sauna hoodie has been shown to significantly improve performance. Mimicking the environment of a real sauna, the men’s sauna hoodie triggers the release of heat stress proteins. As demonstrated in the study, heat acclamation dramatically boosted subject tolerance to heat. This translated into increased endurance and performance. (2, 3)

This is important for guys who are hitting the gym to supplement their weight loss. More endurance means more time spent in your workout, burning calories and promoting lean muscle tissue growth.

Greater Weight Loss with Men’s Sauna Hoodie

When the focus is on fat before muscle, there’s no greater tool than the men’s sauna hoodie. When you buy men’s sauna pants, you are investing in neoprene-based clothing that has been shown in several studies to promote a successful weight loss. Just how successful can you be when you buy men’s sauna pants? Up to 40% more!

That’s right. Subjects in an amazing study lost up to 40% MORE weight when wearing sauna clothing than those subjects who did not. Imagine being able to lose 40% more weight and all you have to do is buy men’s sauna pants or wear men’s sauna hoodie. (1, 2)


Maybe you already have the perfect workout program and meal planner but you want to secure yourweight loss victory. There’s no better way than to buy men’s sauna pantsand men’s sauna hoodie. Why? This neoprene-based clothing has been scientifically proven in many studies to be effective at promoting a successful weight loss. Burn more calories, lose more weight, and improve your performance in the gym with the men’s sauna hoodie. Check out the latest collection from Kutting Weight here.


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