Sauna Hoodies and the Benefits for Men and Women

Sauna clothing has been proven to be an extremely effective tool for weight loss and lean muscle tissue building. One of the newest types of sauna clothing to hit the market is women's sauna hoodies and the men’s sauna hoodie. Utilizing elite neoprene material, these sauna hoodies provide a number of benefits for both men and women. Let’s take a look at the top reason men and women need to incorporate women's sauna hoodies and the men’s sauna hoodie into their fitness routine.

Best Benefits from Women's Sauna Hoodies

Metabolic Boost

  • Targeting weight loss is a pretty simple formula. Your metabolic rate has an extremely important role in that formula. The higher your metabolic rate, the greater chance of a successful weight loss. Using the women's sauna hoodies allows the body to increase its temperature. Putting on women's sauna hoodies can mimic the benefits of a real sauna. First and foremost, as a ground breaking study performed in November 2015 demonstrates, the increase in body temperature causes an instant metabolic spike of up to 20%! (1)

Caloric Expenditure, Total Body Fat Burning

  • The secondary benefit that wearing the women’s sauna hoodies can provide is the activation and release of heat stress proteins. These specialized protein cells are activated in response to an elevated temperature environment and have been shown to burn a greater number of calories intra workout and continue to burn MORE calories for hours after the workout. (1) Together, these two benefits can ensure a successful weight loss. All you have to do is wear women's sauna hoodies.

Best Benefits from Men's Sauna Hoodie

Muscle Mass

  • For guys, it’s all about the muscle mass. The men’s sauna hoodie is ideal for not just toning muscle but also gaining a respectable amount of solid mass. By using the men’s sauna hoodie, you will be able to preserve the muscle you have WHILE triggering the growth of new muscle mass. How does this happen? Wearing the men’s sauna hoodie increases the production of heat stress proteins. Heat stress proteins don’t just encourage fat loss; they also promote protein synthesis and growth hormone release. Together, this is the one-two punch combo you need to ensure muscle building. (1, 2)

Workout Prep, Injury Prevention

  • Men tend to hit the heavy weights. With this comes the added risk of injury. By wearing the men’s sauna hoodie, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of strength and size but also dramatically reduce your chance for strain or injury. Using the men’s sauna hoodie is an efficient way to ensure proper warming-up of the upper body and the extremities such as the hands and the feet. If you’re fond of exercising outside in the cold, the neoprene material of the men’s sauna hoodie insulates your body, activating an instant temperature increase as well as a release of heat stress proteins. Trying to work out with “cold” muscles can significantly increase your risk of injury. Avoid it with the men’s sauna hoodie. (1, 2)


By wearing women's sauna hoodies and the men’s sauna hoodie, you will be able to take advantage of a number of benefits. Heat stress proteins play the primary role in the benefits of calorie burning, fat loss, protecting muscles from degradation, promoting the production of anabolic hormones, and muscle gain. If you’re serious about your weight loss or muscle building goals, then now is the time to invest in the women's sauna hoodies and the men’s sauna hoodie. Check out the latest collection from Kutting Weight here.


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