Why Winter is the Best Time to Start Using Sauna Hoodies

If you’re like most people, your New Year’s Resolutions are locked and loaded. You’ve invested in the right workout program as well as an extensive diet plan. Maybe you’ve even purchased a fat burning supplement or two. Your engines are firing on all cylinders. If you live north of Florida or Southern California, the moment you go to step outside, your motivation may take a huge hit from the cold of Winter. Don’t let those seasonal chills keep you from your goal. By using sauna hoodies, you can keep warm and dramatically enhance those fitness benefits. Let’s take a look at the reasons you need to be using the best sauna hoodies to accomplish your New Year’s goal.

Beat the Cold, Stay Warm

Sauna hoodies are designed for both men and women. The best sauna hoodies are comfortable, convenient, and when it comes to the Winter cold, they are your best friend. The most obvious reason to invest in sauna hoodies is beating the cold at its own game. The best sauna hoodies are pieces of clothing that naturally increase your body temperature. This body temperature increase is safe, natural, and provides one huge benefit that will help you with your goals in the form of heat stress proteins.

Burn More Fat and Calories

Sauna hoodies trigger the release of heat stress proteins, which are essential to weight loss. Heat stress proteins activate a greater level of fat burning as well as calorie burning. This has been proven in several studies with the most recent ground breaking study taking place in November 2015. The material found within the best sauna hoodies have been proven to dramatically increase caloric expenditure, thereby leading to a greater weight loss. (1, 2)

Recover, Feel Better Faster

One of the key elements to recovery is improved blood circulation. By using sauna hoodies, blood flow is dramatically improved, ensuring the muscles are fed the necessary amount of nutrients for recovery. What’s more, this boosted blood flow increases nutrient uptake. The result of using the best sauna hoodies is a healthy and safe recovery. No soreness means you can jump back into the gym faster with no worries of overtraining. (1)

Boost Your Immune System, Fight the Common Cold

During cold season, the chance of you catching a cold is not in your favor. Luckily, sauna hoodies, via the release of the heat stress proteins promote immune system function. As mentioned above, while you’re keeping warm and toasty in the best sauna hoodies, your body is releasing a huge amount of heat stress proteins. These specialized cells may be great for weight loss but they’ve also been shown to give your immune system a much needed boost as well. (1)


Whether you want to stay warm in those below freezing temperatures, see a greater weight loss, or simply prevent a seasonal cold, sauna hoodies have your back. The best sauna hoodies are made from the elite quality neoprene material found only in Kutting Weight sauna hoodies. Check out the latest collection of the best sauna hoodies from Kutting Weight here.


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