How Much Weight Can You Safely Lose Using Sauna Suits?

With the holidays well underway, the idea of weight loss is on the minds of most people. The vast majority will wait until after the New Year to get started on their fitness journey. Many times, people start their weight loss with a certain goal in mind. If this goal is not reached quickly, people turn to extreme measures to increase weight loss potential. If weight loss is the goal this year, then why not ensure your success early on? There’s no need to take potentially dangerous and expensive supplements. The sauna suit is a scientifically proven way to safely and effectively conquer a healthy weight loss.

Kutting Weight sauna suits are the most technologically advanced, offering you the greatest benefits while maximizing your safety. Let’s take a look at the benefits and why you need to buy sauna suit to accomplish your goals.

What Does the Science Say about Sauna Suits?

Despite being utilized for decades, sauna suits are finally getting the attention they deserve in the scientific community. One of the most recent studies was performed in November 2015. A team at Western State Colorado University led by Dr. Lance Dalleck set out to discover if the sauna suit had any real benefits in the area of weight loss. What they discovered was more than anyone expected.

The sauna suit was shown to dramatically increase metabolism by up to 20.8%! What’s more, those subjects wearing sauna suits showed a greater weight loss compared to those who didn’t. Wearing the sauna suit led to an increase in weight loss by up to 40.4%!

The benefits don’t stop there. The study performed by Dr. Dalleck also showed the ability of the sauna suit to increase overall energy expenditure and Excess Post Oxygen Consumption. In other words, your body will become more efficient at burning calories for hours after you take the sauna suit off. Dr. Dalleck’s study showed subjects burned up to 13% more calories and had a higher EPOC, or calorie burning rate, of up to 22%. (1)

Imagine these amazing benefits! All you have to do is buy sauna suit and wear it during your workouts and normal activities.

How Much Weight Can You Safely Lose with Sauna Suits?

You may be sold and ready to buy sauna suit but you’re probably wondering just how much weight you can lose without jeopardizing your safety. Given the numbers from the study, Dr. Dalleck predicted that long-term weight loss is achievable at the following rates when you buy sauna suit:

(The numbers below from the study are based solely on an individual regularly performing a weekly standard exercise routine, consisting of 2 - 20 minute sessions of vigorous-intensity exercise combined with 3 - 30 minute sessions of moderate-intensity exercise)

Weekly Basis:

  • You can expect to lose up to 2 pounds more per week with the sauna suit.

Monthly Basis:

  • You may burn up to more than a 1,000 calories per month by wearing sauna suits.

Yearly Basis:

  • You will burn up to 12,000 more calories per year when you buy sauna suit. (This is the same as burning up to 4 pounds of additional fat mass.)

In the short term, you may notice a larger amount of water weight being lost; however, the suit is also contributing to your long term weight loss. On top of the rate that you are currently losing weight, you can expect to lose an additional 4 pounds (at least) of fat per year by incorporating the sauna suit.


By making the Kutting Weight sauna suit a part of your daily routine and exercise program, you will experience a number of scientifically verified benefits. Made with an elite quality neoprene material, Kutting Weight sauna suits ensure a safe body temperature increase while you move through your toughest workouts or simply do household chores. When you buy sauna suit, you are making a long term investment in your health. Buy sauna suit before the holiday rush. Check out the newest line of sauna suits here.


  1. Dalleck, Lance. (2015) “Acute Benefits of Exercise with the Kutting Weight® Sauna Suit: Technical Report” Gunnison, CO. Western State Colorado University.

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