Why You Must Use a Weight Loss Suit to Achieve Your Goal

Weight loss is the top fitness related goal for men and women alike. Year after year, those looking to reduce the numbers on the scale spend hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of dollars on products that promise a rapid weight loss. If the trendy product works, it’s only temporary, resulting in the person gaining back most, if not more, of that weight. If you want a healthy, natural, and proven way to support your weight loss, there is no better tool than the Kutting Weight sauna suit. This weight loss suit, which captures the benefits of a real sauna, has been shown in many studies to be a highly effective way to reach your weight loss goal. 

How Does a Weight Loss Suit Work?

A weight loss suit is just like sitting in a real sauna. The Kutting Weight sauna suit is made from neoprene and it safely increases your body’s internal temperature, while providing breathing zones for your body. As your body temperature increases, the production of heat stress proteins is activated. These are specialized proteins, responsible for supporting recovery, increasing fat burning, and promoting muscle growth through a boost in growth hormones. (1)

How Can the Weight Loss Suit Benefit You?

Making a weight loss suit a part of your weekly fitness routine is safe, simple, and effective. Whether you wear it around the house or at the gym, you can rest assured that your body is capturing all of the benefits you would experience in a real sauna at a fraction of the price.

As mentioned above, the weight loss suit is a means to increase your internal body temperature. When this happens, your body must work even harder to regulate simple processes. All of this extra works means your body will be utilizing more calories, including stored fat, to fuel its workload. As many studies show, the increase in internal temperature also triggers an increase in your metabolic rate, helping your body to burn even more calories and enhance your weight loss. (1)

Heat stress proteins that are released while wearing the suit promote an upsurge of growth hormone in the body. This increase is directly connected with fat burning as growth hormones are famous for promoting fat oxidation. Again, this is another fantastic, safe, and effective way to further your weight loss. (1, 2)

Tips and Tricks for Using the Weight Loss Suit

You don’t need to be active in the gym to wear the weight loss suit. Putting on the suit for 15 minutes per day while performing daily activities such as cleaning and cooking will provide you with the same benefits as an active workout! The weight loss suit acts like a means of resistance exercise for the body, promoting fat burning and muscle building. 

If you do spend time at the gym, then be sure to put on the weight loss suit beforehand. Wearing this suit can dramatically increase your weight loss results along with enhanced lean muscle tissue.



Achieving your weight loss goal can be as easy as suiting up. The Kutting Weight sauna suit is extremely durable and comfortable, making it ideal for lounging around the house or supporting you during your toughest workouts. Check out the Kutting Weight sauna suit today!


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