Congratulations to our 2nd Competition Winner - William!

William's weight loss story is incredibly inspiring and motivating. Needing to lose weight so that he may be approved for life saving surgeries, William under went gastric bypass surgery. After surgery, William knew it was going to take some drastic lifestyle changes for him to lose the necessary weight and to keep it off in the long term. It was then that he found Kutting Weight and look at him now - he has lost over 130 lbs and is doing amazingly! Congratulations William.


Where did you start and what were your goals?

Prior to Sept 2013 I was diagnosed with many illnesses including heart, arterial and kidney among other things. During this time I was told if I did not lose weight I would most likely die because the surgeries I needed, including but not limited to, kidney replacement would be denied.

I tried many ways to lose weight but nothing really worked. My youngest son was born with CHD (congenital heart defect) and he now is 2 years old with 2 surgeries already performed and needing more. I knew my family, my boys needed me to survive this, so giving up was never in the equation. Thus, bariatric surgery (gastric bypass) was performed. Healing from surgery, I took this time to reflect and create a plan to use this tool and any other tool that would help me achieve my goal. My personal goal was to be 145 pounds from 296 pounds in as little time as I could so I could then learn to manage my new life style in maintenance mode and of course, not be denied surgeries that I so desperately needed.

What was your workout and training regime and how often did you wear Kutting Weight?

One of my friends had purchased for me an exercise ball and the hospital had given me a rubber strap to do exercises with. That together with walking was my first phase to conquer. Months went by doing these exercises 6 times a day at 10 minute intervals. Losing weight slowly, I tried several other things. I was going through 3 or 4 sauna suits within these months and this was becoming an expense I could not keep up with. I would wear each one of these until the rips would completely rip a sleeve or the pants were just simply not pants anymore. I had to find something—but what. I searched and searched and finally came across something that I really really liked. It was from Kutting weight and I fell in love with the suit.

I made the decision to purchase the Kutting Weight suit as soon as I saved enough up for it. For me, it was as if a miracle tool had taken place. I would immediately lose 3 pounds during a 15 minute session and within 24 hours regain from liquid replenishment 2.75 pounds. This was a 0.25 pound deficit, just from wearing a suit that helped me sweat in this much in only 15 minutes! I kept up with exercising religiously and being past any special diets or concerns of injury it was time to go to Phase 2. Being given a special scholarship to our gym here, I was able to do some swimming and walk the treadmill.

What changed about your lifestyle?

With the fear of loss of life, learning a new lifestyle after surgery came easy to me. Many of the foods I used to think brought satisfaction and tasted good – no longer did. Keeping a high protein diet isn’t as easy as one thinks with the size of the stomach being a little bigger than a ping pong ball (after surgery). Now I have introduced a little more variety of vegetables into my meal plan, but protein is always a first for me to eat post surgery. Water was also cumbersome to get down at first, it seemed I was always sipping on water or eating, yet I could not do both at the same time. For someone who could swallow a whole bottle of sports drink in a single setting – tipping it up and finishing in one turn, this was something totally different.

What do you like most about Kutting Weight and how did it help you?

Wearing the Kutting Weight Sauna Suit was very comfortable and the fit was just fine. The heat produced while wearing the Kutting Weight Suit helped me with my exercises as it kept the muscles warm. After the workout, you can drink water to replenish the lost water but the energy the body used to heat up and the energy used to sweat has been expended and has therefore burnt those additional calories.

Throughout my weight loss, I was followed with my exercise and health by many doctors and labs. I was never dehydrated or iron deficient etc...In fact my labs came back as If I was a healthy 35 year old again. My hydration is between 55 to 60% body percent water which is almost unheard of for my age.  So, the suit is a very safe tool to use when used responsibly! The suit makes exercising a fun time instead of painful and punishing. Something I began to look forward to and not in a grudging GI Joe manor, but truly looking forward to putting on the suit and exercising. How much better can you get!?

What are your future goals?

As of now, 5/21/2014 I am weighing in at 161 pounds. I started out at 296 pounds and am only 16 pounds away from my personal goal of 145 pounds. Many of my friends are amazed by my weight loss in only 7.5 months. I have successfully lost 135 pounds. With my new found will‐power I have learned I can be successful and will battle all that ails me. Though losing weight did not fix all of the journeys I face, I have learned not to give up and not to lose my focal point on what I need to do. Myplan after reaching my goal, is to go into maintenance mode and then rebuild the muscle mass I had lost from being so obese. The Kutting Weight Sauna Suit with its tremendous quality will be right there as one of my power tools!

What advice would you give to someone starting out their Kutting Weight weight loss journey?

Remember 2 things while you too are losing weight, always remain focused on your goals in life and never give up! It will bring you to many places in life successfully!


Wearing the suit that I chose after winning second place from Kutting Weight at The Nampa Recreation Center! The Kutting Weight suit and Nampa Rec Center were both very important tools in my transformation. Love this additional suit, it felt great wearing it today and definitely sweated simply walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes.

Thank you Kutting Weight for having a product that works and a product I was able to use to inadvertently – save my life.


  • Thank you all for leaving a comment and THANKYOU to cutting weight. Just a quick update from the time of the entry of the contest-tonight I am weighing in at 144.6 pounds and had a baffling moment at walmart today. I went there to purchase some cargo pants that fit and looked through their selection of 29 inch waist but there was nothing with an inseam of 29 inches. Unless if I was a 34 inch waist. Go figure, I lose weight hehe and I guess I should be taller. Anyway, went through the boys section to see if I can find my two little boys some cargo pants which they did not have but I seen a pair of 14 husky. I said No—they couldn’t so I got a tape measure from the store and measured and I said “Perhaps, I better try them on.”. Well I left the store with a pair of 14 husky and proved to my wife—hey these fit I now get to by from the boys department if they dont have my size. Wow, being 52 now I never thought I would wear clothes I wore when I was 12. Thanks again for a great suit, a great tool for this journey of mine.

  • Amazing!! I have never heard of this type of suit before, I find it very interesting and obviously useful in William’s transformation. William’s dedication and hard work is impressive and the transformation is incredible. Great job, William!! I admire you!!

    Sonya Anderson
  • Great achievement will! You’re such an inspiration and a living example of a miracle. Keep up the good work. And keep your spirits and ‘will’-power high….. Remember it’s not a destination, it’s a journey and a lifestyle. All the best!

  • OMG, Will I’m so proud of you!!!!….

  • Fantastic job, Will!


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