Our Competition Winner - Charisse!

At Kutting Weight we love hearing about our customers success and progress! Recently we ran a competition to win $150 in Kutting Weight product during which we asked our customers to send in their Kutting Weight Testimonials along with a before and after photo!
We loved all the entries and are so happy and excited by the fantastic weight loss results are customers are seeing by using the Kutting Weight clothing as a part of their health and fitness regime.
We especially loved this entry from our customer Charrise who was our winner! Read Charisse's story below - her transformation is truly amazing and inspiring!


Check out Charisse’s Before and After Photos – What an Amazing Transformation! This takes pure dedication and determination. Congratulations, you should be very proud!

Where did you start and what were your goals?

I started my journey aug 2013! I was tired of cropping pics and tired of being over 200 lbs especially after my August Florida vacay when I saw the pics from there!  I had had enough !

What was your workout regime and how often did you wear Kutting Weight?

I hired a trainer and got on a fitness regime and nutrition plan. I weight train and do 30 minutes of cardio in my first session and a second 35 minutes of cardio a day/6 times a week. On my second cardio for 35 minutes is when I incorporate my Kutting Weight suit!

What changed about your lifestyle?

I had to give up alcohol and stick to my designed 6 meals a day! No more hanging out and traded my lunch hour in the military for time at gym. 

What do you like most about Kutting Weight and how did it help you?

What I like most about KW is how I feel when it comes off after 30 minutes! Nothing makes me so satisfied when I squeeze my underwear out and sports bra and see all the sweat pour out!

What are your future goals?

Currently my future goal is to compete in my first competition which is set for August 23 here in Utah, bikini level!

What advice would you give to someone starting out their Kutting Weight weight loss journey?

I have gotten other people to buy the suit! Five other people to be exact! And what I tell them is to start out slow and that if they're not use to being heated during working out,  to work their way up slowly to the 30 minute mark.

Thank you KW for this amazing product! You have really helped me accelerate my dreams! 




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