Features & Benefits of Kutting Weight

Features of the Kutting Weight Sauna Suit Clothing Line

Benefits of the Kutting Weight Sauna Suit Clothing

  • Increasing calories burnt during any given workout: when you work out in the Kutting Weight clothing, it acts by trapping in your body heat and therefore heating you core right up. In doing so, your body is working a lot harder and using more energy to:

a) Create and release excess sweat to try to cool the body

b) Circulate more blood and fuel our muscles and get them moving

    The more we heat up our bodies, the harder we work and the more calories that will be burnt for energy during a workout, compared to a workout without the Kutting Weight clothing.

    • Increased metabolism longer term: Metabolism is responsible for the amount of calories burnt and the amount stored in our body. Therefore, the increase in calories burnt caused by wearing the Kutting Weight clothing during your workouts, is in turn enhancing the metabolism. This rise in metabolism can be maintained  up to 14 hours post exercise.

    • Increased flexibility: Heating up the body through a Kutting Weight workout increases the blood flow to the muscles, as blood vessels widen at high temperatures. This increased blood flow helps to warm up the muscles and they become more flexible and elastic, which will improve with each subsequent Kutting Weight workout.

    • Increased mental and physical toughness: When you wear the Kutting Weight clothing during a workout the body becomes conditioned to heat and a much higher intensity of exercise. Over time the body will become accustomed to this higher level of intensity and athletic endurance will improve - work out for longer, run further & lift heavier! As for mental toughness, getting through an intense Kutting Weight workout will make you feel unstoppable, unbeatable and help release those happy endorphins. The sweat that is released creates a great sense of achievement (and so it should), so get ready to feel great mentally AND physically.

    • Enhanced muscle building: working out at higher temperatures and increasing body heat can promote protein synthesis – the process by which new proteins are created in the body to lay down new muscle. Additionally, at high temperatures we produce very beneficial proteins known as ‘Heat Shock Proteins (HSP)’. HSPs are responsible for repairing damaged proteins in the body in order to increase muscle mass.

    • Cardiovascular benefits: Working out in Kutting Weight significantly increases body temperature. As the body heats up, our blood vessels widen in attempt to release some of that heat to try and cool down. This lets more volume through, resulting in increased blood flow to the heart. This means that there will be less strain placed on your heart than if working out in regular clothing at a regular temperature. This is a good thing, as lowering strain on the heart allows us to work out for a longer period of time without tiring.


    • Hi There!

      Yes, our suits are also very effective for regular daily sessions to help accelerate weight loss and fitness goals. By heating up our core, our bodies work that bit harder than they would without the suits, creating additional benefits to your workout including increased calorie burning.

      For more information regarding increasing calorie burning, muscle building and HSP production during high temperature workouts I would recommend checking out one of our previous blogs, which is a summary of a you tube video released by Dr. Rhonda Patrick (PhD) in which she discusses the topic in more detail! You can also view the video here:


      Please let us know if you have any other questions,

      Jaimee – Kutting Weight

      Kutting Weight
    • I had no idea that these suits could produce benefits during regular, daily sessions. I always looked at them as useful during competitions (pre weigh in weight cut) only.

      It would be nice to have some additional information regarding the sources for some of the information. If only for the sake of continued education. Especially in regards to the increased calorie burning & enhanced muscle building through HSP.

      Great info!


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