Kutting Weight, Not Just a Weight Loss Product!

So you've lost weight.. What next?

Many of our Kutting Weight customers have reached or are well on their way to reaching their weight loss and fitness goals. For those of you who have lost the weight you desired, you may be thinking about what is next. Should you still be using Kutting Weight now that you’re at your ideal weight? Or maybe you were already at a healthy weight and your goal is simply to maintain, you may be wondering if Kutting Weight is for you?

While it is a fantastic and effective weight loss tool, Kutting Weight is not just that! The Kutting Weight clothing can offer a number of other health benefits and fitness enhancements, even when you’re not trying to lose weight!

Of course, these additional benefits also go for those of you still on your weight loss journey; however we wanted to highlight some of the reasons Kutting Weight can still be an effective work out tool post weight loss and into the future.

Here they are:

1. To maintain current weight – many of us who have lost weight in the past would be all to familiar with how easy it can be for that weight to creep back on. Sometimes this is due to lifestyle pressures, a change or slowing in your exercise or dietary routine or perhaps your body just does not seem to respond to exercise the way it initially did. This is normal, as the more weight you lose the harder it becomes to continue losing weight, as essentially you simply have less to lose! Additionally, as our daily calorie requirements are based on body mass, the smaller we become the less calories we actually need to be consuming in order to maintain or lose weight. So as you can see, there are a number of reasons why we may find it hard to keep the weight off and this can lead to reduced motivation. Kutting Weight is a great tool in this respect, as continuing to wear the clothing even when you have reached your ideal weight, will help to intensify your workouts and ensure they really count. At this point, when your goal
Womens- Sauna Shirt
is maintenance, you may feel it is reasonable to alternate between Kutting Weight  workouts and regular workouts, which will help to create that level of intensity needed to keep your weight from creeping up (or further down!)

2. Competitive edge – if you have been loosing or have lost weight working out with Kutting Weight, chances are you are feeling fitter than ever before! You may be ready to put this new found fitness to the test and take on a competitive challenge. Or perhaps you are an established competitor, looking for a way to enhance your training and create that much desired edge! Whether it be a fun run, marathon, tough mudder style contest or even boot camp, the Kutting Weight clothing can be the perfect tool to use as you train and prepare for your next challenge. The clothing will intensify your training workouts and causes your body to heat up and work a lot harder. In doing so, it creates somewhat of a conditioning effect in which your body becomes accustomed to this more difficult and intense level of exercise. This means that come competition day, when you start the run, cycle, climb (whatever it may be) in your regular clothing, you will feel lighter and fitter. Your muscles and body will be conditioned to the higher intensity of your Kutting Weight workouts, meaning you will be primed to perfection and ready to take on the challenge!

3. Cardiovascular benefits – Working out in Kutting Weight significantly increases our body temperature. As we heat up, our blood vessels widen in attempt to release some of that heat to try and cool down. When our blood vessels widen it lets more volume through, resulting in increased blood flow to the heart. This means that when working out in a Sauna Suit, there will be less strain placed on your heart than if working out in regular clothing at a regular temperature. This is a good thing, as lowering strain on the heart allows us to work out for a longer period of time without tiring!

4. Muscle building benefits – working out at higher temperatures and increasing body heat (i.e. in your Kutting
The Sauna Suit
Weight clothing) can promote protein synthesis – the process by which new proteins are created in the body to lay down new muscle. Additionally, when we significantly increase our body heat, we produce very beneficial proteins known as ‘Heat Shock Proteins (HSP)’. HSPs are responsible for repaired damaged proteins in the body, helping our proteins to stay healthy and working at their prime in order to increase muscle mass.

5. Enhanced Endurance – Due to both the cardiovascular and muscle building benefits mentioned above, using Kutting Weight clothing has the potential to enhance your level of endurance. Maybe competitions are not your thing, but you want to focus on increasing your endurance i.e. run further, work out longer, cycle faster. Kutting Weight will make your workouts feel that much more intense, sweaty (++) and challenging. Take running for example, if you were to do 5 miles in your Kutting Weight suit, without the suit that 5 miles is going to feel like a breeze. Then next thing you know, you will be upping it to 10…endurance improved! Of course, using the clothing has the added benefit of burning additional calories during any given workout. So, if you are at the point where you are happy with your current weight you but you still want to receive the endurance enhancements, you may want to use your KW clothing once or twice a week rather than 4-5 times, to get that perfect balance and unbeatable stamina!

6. Reduce your workout times – In this day and age, we all lead hectic and busy life styles. Sometimes finding the time to get in a lengthy and intense workout seems impossible! With Kutting Weight you can achieve in a 20 minute workout the same intensity and benefits it would usually take 45-60 minutes to achieve! Shorter workouts = more time for the million and one other items on yo
ur to do list. Additionally, many of us will view a spare 20 or 30 minutes as not long enough to fit in a workout, therefore we may opt not to work out at all. With Kutting Weight, this 20 or 30 minutes can be put to good use and make that short workout time very worthwhile.

7. Feel good effect – As I’m sure you will be familiar with if you have ever worked out in Kutting Weight, it makes you sweat! Sweating is good for us on so many levels. At the end of each sweaty Kutting Weight workout comes a great sense of accomplishment as the benefits of your hard work are so obvious and visible. Additionally, during a high temperature workout, the body can actually better respond to the presence of Endorphin – that feel good hormone responsible for what is known as the ‘runner’s high’! It is for this reason that you have probably heard exercise is linked to lower rates of depression, or can even help those suffering from depression and anxiety. It is thought that high temperature workouts i.e. wearing Sauna Suit, can help us to reach this ‘happy hormone’ point more quickly, leaving us with an enhanced post workout feel good effect!

So whether you are at the end of your weight loss journey, just starting out or are already at your healthy weight, there are many reasons why Kutting Weight is for you. Keeping fit and working out can be just as much about enhancing endurance and stamina as it can be about weight loss, and Kutting Weight is the perfect tool to assist you along the way, whatever your goals may be.

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