Mix up your fitness routine to stay motivated!

Regularly mixing up your fitness routine can help prevent you losing interest or motivation. If you are sticking to the same old thing day in day out it will eventually start to get stale, not to mention it can become less effective as your body becomes accustomed to a particular type of exercise. Exercise plateaus are common,especially when a routine is repetitive, and when this happens you may notice your progress start to slow.

Mixing it up can help breath new life into your work out, making it all the more enjoyable. With the weather warming up by the day, it is the perfect time to get out and about, adding new physical activities to your routine.

If you have been continuously battling it out on the stationary bike at full resistance or running on the treadmill until your ankles start to ache, it may be time to think outside the square.

So, why not:

  • Go for a bike ride
  • Play a game of tennis with a friend                                                    
  • Go kayaking or rowing
  • Do some gardening
  • Join a dance class
  • Take a yoga or Pilates class
  • Go for a hike, walk or jog outdoors

Wearing your Kutting Weight clothing during these activities, especially during
something like yoga or  Pilates (and even gardening!) will add new intensity to your  workouts that you may not have experienced  previously.

 Even doing the housework in your Kutting Weight gear can increase  your heart rate and bring on a sweat… opportunities for physical activity really are everywhere in our daily lives! If you are thinking of trying something new, recruiting a friend as your workout partner will make it a feel like a breeze. Having a workout partner adds extra motivation and creates that social aspect, helping to make your workouts feel less like exercise and more like a chance to catch up and enjoy good company!


The Kutting Weight outdoor weekend workout:
Recently, Kutting Weight took a trip to Big Bear, CA, where we had the opportunity to take a hike in our Kutting Weight gear. It was no walk in the park! The hike was tough, and we definitely had a good sweat going! But, our motivation to get to the top was spurred by the beautiful view that had been promised to us once we reached it, and it was so very worth it!






 Check out some of our hiking snaps here. If you plan to take a hike, you must make sure to take plenty of water, as you will get very thirsty! Always hike with a friend, first and foremost for safety but also for someone to share your sense of achievement with at the top! Start off with small hikes until you know what you are comfortable with, because remember your Kutting Weight clothing will make the workout a little more intense than what you may be used to.

Enjoy our photos, and be sure to share your ideas and tell us how you mix up your Kutting Weight workouts!

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