Weight loss – the 4 Key Elements

If you are on a fitness or weight loss journey, there may come a time where you see the number on the scales start to plateau. Or, you may just be looking to accelerate your weight loss even further. Enhancing fitness and losing weight is a process that requires us to reassess all aspects of our current lifestyle. It is important to ensure not to single out one lifestyle aspect, i.e. diet or exercise, as focusing on one without the others isn’t going to do us any favors. Below we have listed the 4 Key Elements that, when considered in combination, will lead to the best possible results and help you to reach your weight loss goals!
1. Work out consistency:
To maximize your results, it is best to work out as much as you possibly can. For many of us, working out every day is not always possible, so aim for at least 3 workouts per week for the best health and fitness gains. Sporadically working out only once or twice a week, while still better than nothing, is only going to help maintain your current weight. If this is not your goal (for some it may be), then it’s time to ramp it up! On top of this, if you are using Kutting Weight Sauna Clothing, be sure to wear it as consistently as possible during each and every work out – this is essential!!
It is also important to focus on and be consistent with the intensity of your workouts. Anything that increases your heart rate, lasts for at least 30 minutes and makes you sweat is going to help burn calories! However, if this is only once a week and every other day is just a leisurely stroll, then you may see your weight loss start to stall. Your Kutting Weight suit is a great tool in this respect, as it will enhance and intensify any workout, even if you do only have 30 minutes to spare! It can also turn a previously low intensity workout i.e. yoga or pilates, into a high intensity calorie burning workout due to the rise in body heat. So again, workout as frequently as you can manage and wear your suit as consistently as possible. Remember, it doesn’t take long before exercise becomes habit and you will fall into a routine that works for you!
2. Diet:
Diet and exercise go hand in hand and focusing on one without the other is only going to be detrimental to your weight loss goals. What you eat is crucial, regardless of how much exercise you are doing! The fundamental rule to weight loss is energy out (physical activity) must be greater than energy in (calories consumed) – to create a negative balance! When we are using more energy than what we are consuming, the excess will be drawn from our body stores and before you know it – weight loss!
The Diet basics =

  • Don’t diet! Fad diets are not the answer and are very hard to maintain.
  • Eat fresh 90% of the time – limit fast foods and highly processed foods.
  • Don’t be afraid of carbs! They will energize you and prevent you reaching for sweet snacks come 3.30pm. Consume whole grain low GI carbohydrates in place of white highly processed carbs.
  • Eat lean proteins – trim the fat off your meat and remove the skin.
  • Limit fats (oils & butter) – one teaspoon on your bread or in your fry pan is more than enough!
  • Focus on the healthy fats – what about spreading avocado on your bread instead of butter?
  • Eat mindfully – don’t rush - make sure you taste each mouthful, especially if treating yourself to a dessert. That way you are less likely to experience sweet cravings later on!
  • Eat a good breakfast and lunch – this will minimize cravings for high calorie snacks in between!
  • Most importantly, watch your PORTION SIZES! Check this plate model for a guide – your serve of protein should be no bigger than the palm of your hand – this is more than adequate, and fill up on salad and veg instead.

3. Rest:
When you are on a weight loss mission, it is easy to go too hard too early and burn yourself out. It is important to listen to your body and respond to the signals it is sending. If you are feeling sore or aching, have a rest day – one day off from exercise each week (advanced) or every other day for those starting out. If you are just starting out, it is important to increase your workout frequency slowly and build up to higher intensities. Your body will let you know when it’s ready to step it up, you will start to feel fitter and stronger in no time and this is when to start challenging yourself.
And remember, sleep is essential. You may have the perfect exercise regime and diet plan, but without proper rest it’s only a matter of time before you crash and burn! Don’t skip out on a good night’s sleep.
If you are a night owl or have trouble relaxing at night – Check out these 7 tips for the best sleep ever: http://www.health.com/health/gallery/0,,20407230,00.html
4. Stay hydrated:
Whether working out in a Sauna Suit or not, you will sweat and therefore lose water from your body. This effect is exaggerated in a Sauna Suit, hence the name. This is why it is so important to rehydrate during and after your workouts - you will feel thirsty, so listen to your body! Obviously, if your objective is short term water weight loss for competitive reasons, then re-hydrating is a different story. If this is you, then you will likely know how little water your body can handle and will rehydrate adequately, just to a lesser extent. But, for those of you with long term fat loss in mind, re-hydrating after a workout will prevent you from getting tired and fatigued. Maximizing your energy is essential in achieving your weight loss goals.
Staying hydrated goes not only for during/after a workout, but also throughout the course of your day. Try to sip on water during the day rather the sweet juices, soft drinks, energy drinks or tea and coffee, which are only likely to make you thirstier! Also, snack on fresh fruits and vegetables which naturally contain water, rather than salty foods like potato chips, nuts and pretzels.
A thought provoking fact – people often confuse thirst with hunger! Being dehydrated can make you feel tired, ‘head-achy’ and irritable, much like hunger! This means that being dehydrated can lead to mindless snacking or over eating, and we are likely to never feel quite satisfied, because really all we need is a refreshing glass of water!
If water is not your thing, and for some of us it just isn’t, then try sipping on coconut water or diluting your juice, cordial or sports drink down with half water.

So remember, there is no secret! Improving fitness and losing weight is a process and it takes dedication. Focusing on these 4 elements in combination, and not singling out just the exercise or diet component, is going to accelerate weight loss and help you reach your goals! Be sure to treat yourself once in a while (within reason!) and if you have a bad day diet wise, don’t let it get to you - brush it off and refocus!

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