Chiseled Legs: How Sauna Pants Can Transform Leg Day

Leg day: the day that no guy or girl should skip. Although the upper body gets a lot of attention, the lower body is arguably more important to focus on. Aside from the aesthetics of having a proportional frame, working out your lower body on a consistent basis helps with functional movement patterns and protects against injury later in life. Whether you want bigger legs, more definition, or simply to recover faster, the sauna pant from Kutting Weight can help.

Let’s take a look at how sauna pants will elevate your leg day gains to a new level.

Chicken Legs to Tree Stumps with Sauna Pants

Nearly every guy out there wants bigger legs. Unfortunately, legs are not always as cooperative as the chest and back. Sure, genetics play a part but in this day and age, that is something that can be overcome with the right workout, diet, and supplements.

There are two ways to ensure your legs reach the size you want: the right workload and the right hormones.

Pushing your legs into a growth state is going to require that you use a combination of compound and isolation movements. Compound movements such as the squat will allow you to push heavier weight. Isolation movements such as the leg extension will fatigue the muscle, creating the needed micro tears and providing you with that burning feeling. Try wearing the sauna pant during your workout to push your body even further, resulting in more muscular hypertrophy. (1, 2)

Growth hormone, which is naturally produced in the body, will also play a key role in beefing up your legs. Growth hormone speeds up recovery of muscle tissue while supporting bigger gains. One of the best ways to trigger an explosion in growth hormone is to use sauna pants. The high heat environment that you’ll find with the sauna pant has been shown to dramatically increase growth hormone levels. All you have to do is wear the sauna pants to see the benefits. (1, 2)

Shred Up with the Sauna Pant

If there’s one thing that sauna pants are renowned for, it is their ability to trigger an overall greater weight loss in people using them. If you want that shredded look to your legs, the sauna pant is how you can make it happen faster. Sauna clothing from Kutting Weight such as the sauna pants has been shown to provide the following benefits:

  • Burn up to 13% more calories while wearing the sauna pant
  • Continue burning up to 22% more calories after you remove the sauna pants
  • Enjoy a greater overall weight loss of up to 40% (3, 4)

By wearing the sauna pants during your workouts, you are not only triggering an increase in muscle-building growth hormone but you’re also supporting fat loss. The result is a pair of muscular legs with amazing definition.

Sauna Pant Leg Day Workout

Want to see size and shred? Try this Leg Day workout while wearing the sauna pant.

Back Squats: 4 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions

Leg Curls: 3 x 8-12

Leg Extensions: 3 x 12-15

Romanian Deadlifts: 4 x 8-12

Front Squats: 3 x 6-12

Calf Press: 3 x 20-30

Calf Raise: 3 x 25-35


If you want to start showing off your legs as much as you do your chest, arms, and abdominals, then you need to start using the sauna pant from Kutting Weight. Sauna pants have been shown to boost muscle building and shredding potential. Start moving toward your new body and check out the latest collection of the sauna pant from Kutting Weight here.


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