Best Super Foods to Pair Up with the Sauna Suit for Weight Loss

With the recent breakthroughs in the science of the sauna suit for weight loss, many people are turning towards this fitness clothing to support their goals. Sauna suits for weight loss have been scientifically proven to support a healthy weight loss along with boosting performance and improving cardiovascular health. (1, 2) The sauna suit for weight loss can be the key to unlocking your dream physique. If you really want to ensure you get the results you want, you need to start incorporating the right foods into your diet.

Check out the top 3 super foods that have been the subject of numerous studies, proving they can be a powerful tool in your quest for improved health.


  • A common spice in your pantry, turmeric is one of the world’s most powerful foods. Aside from being used to treat cognitive diseases, turmeric also has anti-inflammatory properties. This has great application for those pursuing fat loss and muscle building as turmeric can help alleviate muscle soreness. Instead of reaching for a bottle of acetaminophen for your sore muscles, try taking turmeric in capsule form. (3)
  • The sauna suit for weight loss is also a great way to reduce muscle soreness and pain. Sauna suits for weight loss were shown to provide subjects with faster recovery periods. (4)


  • One of the most delicious foods on the planet is also one of the strongest. Honey is packed with a large number of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that support overall health. In particular, honey has been found to contain immune boosting compounds. A better immune response means better protection during cold season. It also means a drastically reduced risk for illness overall. Eat one tablespoon a day to give your body the boost it needs. (5)
  • Sauna suits for weight loss are also an excellent way to support your immune system. Studies show that those subjects who placed themselves in a sauna-like environment, such as you’ll find with the Kutting Weight sauna suit for weight loss, on a regular basis had a stronger immune system and less incidents of illness. (4)


  • This delicious and nutritious root has long been used for stomach issues such as nausea. Some studies suggest that ginger may play a role in proper digestion. This could be very important for those with digestion issues as indigestion robs you of important nutrients that could support muscle building and fat loss. Try eating a slice of ginger with each meal to see the best benefits. (6)
  • If you want to burn calories more efficiently, especially during meal time, consider wearing your sauna suit for weight loss. In two recent studies from Dr. Lance Dalleck, sauna suits for weight loss were proven to increase caloric expenditure. Even if you wait until after the meal, you’ll experience an increase of up to 13% as your body burns those calories away (1, 2).


Food can be just as powerful of a tool as the sauna suit for weight loss. Having a consistent exercise program along with a healthy diet is going to be your foundation. The best results can come when you pair up super foods with the sauna suits for weight loss. Ready to be amazed with your results? Check out the latest collection of sauna suits for weight loss from Kutting Weight here.


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