8 Reasons to Buy Women's Sauna Suit

When you look at all of the benefits associated with sauna use, it’s clear that science is on the side of this heat-based therapy. From weight loss to immune boosting, sauna use is all natural and an effective way to achieve health and longevity. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford a monthly membership to the nearby spa, assuming you live near one. What if you could harness all of the proven benefits of a sauna in a convenient and comfortable suit?

When you buy women’s sauna pants, buy women’s sauna suit, or buy women’s sauna shirt from Kutting Weight, you are providing yourself with amazing health benefits at a fraction of the cost. Let’s take a look at the top 8 reasons you need to invest in sauna clothing for women.

8. The Most Comfortable Clothing You’ll Wear

When you buy women's sauna shirt, you’ll be investing in your new favorite shirt. Sauna clothing from Kutting Weight is extremely comfortable, allowing you to wear it around the house. That means you can capture the benefits of a sauna while relaxing or doing chores.

7. Made to Last

Sauna clothing from Kutting Weight isn’t your typical, flimsy fitness wear. These suits are made to last through your toughest workouts. Buy women’s sauna pants and put them to the test. Yoga, plyometrics, or CrossFit: They can take it all.

6. Amplifies Metabolic Rate

Just like when you step into a sauna, studies have shown that sauna clothing from Kutting Weight triggers an elevated metabolic rate. Buy women's sauna suit and you’ll be able to burn more calories just by wearing the suit. (1)

5. Keep Burning Calories for Hours

EPOC levels, or Excess Post Oxygen Consumption, are the measure of calories that your body continues burning AFTER you cease exercise. When you buy women's sauna shirt and wear it, your body will enjoy the benefit of elevated EPOC levels. That means hours after you take off the sauna clothing, your body still burn calories at a high rate. (1, 2)

4. Be Active Longer

In the latest study with the Kutting Weight sauna clothing, it was shown that the suit was able to increase total fatigue time. This boost in endurance means that you’ll be able to perform your best for longer. Whether you’re playing volleyball with friends or Frisbee with the kids, getting tired is a thing of the past. Buy women's sauna pants and let others try to keep up. (2)

3. Be Alert

Want a brain boost? Buy women’s sauna shirt and buy women’s sauna pants. Studies from Dr. Ronda Patrick show that the sauna environment you’ll find in sauna clothing triggers a greater production of norepinephrine, the chemical responsible for keeping you alert and focused. (3)

2. Watch Your Numbers 

The common culprits to watch out for when you go into the doctor’s office include cholesterol, blood pressure, and heart rate. If you want to keep these numbers under control, then you need to buy women’s sauna suit. Studies show that wearing the sauna suit resulted in lower cardiometabolic risk factors. (2)

1. Lose Up to 40% More Weight

 One of the most astounding benefits that were shown in scientific studies was that the sauna clothing led to an overall greater weight loss of up to 40%. Imagine how quickly you could reach your weight loss goal if you were able to lose 40% more weight. Buy women’s sauna suit and experience the difference. (1, 2)


Want to change your health and your life? You can when you buy women’s sauna pants, buy women’s sauna suit, or buy women’s sauna shirt. Discover the scientifically proven benefits of sauna clothing from Kutting Weight here.


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