Use a Vest for Sweating To Lose More Weight During Workouts

A vest for sweating, also known as a sauna vest, is a body-hacking tool for fitness that improves health and athletic performance. A sauna vest is a garment that replicates the environment of a sauna by safely increasing body temperature to the same ranges as a sauna. Using sauna fitness apparel provides many health benefits, including increased weight loss during and after workouts.

Consistent use of sauna garments while exercising leads to other health benefits besides losing weight. Workouts become more efficient and effective, cardiovascular health improves, and endurance increases significantly. These additional benefits last long beyond the duration of the workout session.

This helpful guide provides a comprehensive overview of sweat vests and how to use them to maximize workouts. It details how sauna garments can improve workouts and describes some scientific health benefits of sauna suits. It also informs on how to choose the best sauna vest.

What Is a Sweat Vest Used For?

Athletes working to improve performance and increase weight loss use a vest for sweating to improve health and fitness levels. Sauna garments worn while exercising promote higher levels of fat loss, boost muscle gain, improve overall cardiovascular health, and increase cognitive functioning.

Wrestlers frequently use sweat vests or neoprene waist trainers to lose weight and build muscle. Wearing a sauna vest consistently leads to many long-term health and fitness benefits.

Do Sweat Vests Work?

Studies show that training in sauna suits can significantly improve performance and provide other benefits for athletes. Lance C. Dalleck, Ph.D., conducted research that proved many of the benefits of fitness garments like a vest for sweating. Dalleck is a member of the American Council on Exercise (ACE) Scientific Advisory Panel. The study details many benefits of exercising with sauna garments, including greater improvements in resting metabolic rate and body fat percentage.

Dalleck's study, at Western State Colorado University, followed 45 overweight men for eight weeks. The study separated the men into three groups. One group in the study didn't exercise at all, one group worked out in standard clothing, and one group exercised wearing sauna suits. Both groups of men that exercised showed improvements after eight weeks, but the group in the sauna suits attained significantly better results.

It's important to practice safety measures by consistently replenishing fluids throughout the workout while wearing a sweat vest. Taking several sips of water every few minutes while exercising can reduce the risk of dehydration.

What Are the Key Benefits of Wearing a Vest for Sweating While Exercising?

Studies show many benefits for wearing a vest for sweating and other types of sauna suits while exercising. Wearing a sauna suit consistently during an exercise program can improve an individual's health and performance in many ways.

One of the biggest keys to progress is consistency. Work out at least three times a week consistently over time to see the greatest benefits of wearing sauna vests. Here are many specific benefits resulting from sweat apparel while working out:

Vest for Sweating Benefit 1: Improve the Results of Current Workout Regime

Using a neoprene vest improves the results of current workouts. It can decrease workout time by up to 50% by making the body work harder and faster. It makes workouts more efficient and effective by inducing a greater physiological strain through a higher core body temperature. This creates more sweat loss and increases the intensity of the workout. It can decrease workout time by up to 50% while still providing the same powerful fitness results.

Vest for Sweating Benefit 2: Builds Muscles More Effectively

Wearing a vest for sweating can build more muscles during the same workouts. Intense heat releases heat shock proteins, or creates muscular hypertrophy, which heals, protects, and grows muscle cells.

Vest for Sweating Benefit 3: Burns More Calories

As the body works harder during the same duration while wearing a neoprene vest or waist trimmer, it burns more calories. The long-term result is a greater amount of total fat loss.

Vest for Sweating Benefit 4: Results in Greater Weight Loss

The results showed that those who exercised with fitness clothing like a vest for sweating lost more weight. They also maintained a greater weight loss over time.

Although some water weight loss is temporary, sweat clothing promotes permanent weight loss by increasing the metabolic rate. Sweat shapers safely increase the core body temperature. In response, the body begins to work harder and uses more calories to regulate its internal temperature.

Vest for Sweating Benefit 5: Improves Cardiovascular Fitness and Increases Endurance

The International Journal of Research in Exercise Physiology, March 2016 issue, stated that overall cardiovascular health improves from using sauna suits. The study showed the percentage of body fat decreased by 1.5% while maximal oxygen uptake increased by 8.5%. It also revealed decreases in cardiovascular disease risk factors.

Vest for Sweating Benefit 6: Reduces Risk of Injury

Increasing body heat while working out improves flexibility and increases muscle relaxation. This helps the body by making muscles more pliable, reducing lactic acid buildup, and diminishing muscle soreness and tightness. These combined benefits significantly reduce the risk of injury.

Best Workouts To Do With a Neoprene Vest for Sweating To Lose Weight

Virtually any workout is suitable to do with a neoprene sweat vest to gain enhanced results from the activity. This includes:

  • Running
  • Weight lifting
  • Cycling
  • Yoga
  • Hiking
  • Wrestling

Some people even wear a vest for sweating while performing standard physical activities like housework or gardening to boost benefits. Vests can make any recreational activity or sport more intense, like skiing, snowboarding, wrestling, or boxing.

Many athletes complete a full muscle body-building workout in a sauna vest. Also, performing compound exercises helps maximize results.

What To Look For When Purchasing a Vest for Sweating

Things to consider when purchasing a sweat vest include the quality and fabric of the article. Also, review the washing instructions for the garment.

What Are the Best Fabrics for Sweat Vests?

Vests for sweating are usually made of PVC, nylon, PVC and nylon combinations, or neoprene. PVC sauna suits are the cheapest and therefore a good way to experiment with sauna suits. However, they're also the least comfortable and durable. Nylon and PVC combinations also cost less than neoprene, but they're less durable and flexible than neoprene.

Neoprene is a synthetic material used in wet suits that keeps surfers and divers warm due to its thermal properties. Neoprene is extremely effective at keeping in heat because it traps the user's body heat and increases the core body temperature.

Neoprene is also easy to clean. When cleaned properly, it lasts significantly longer than PVC or nylon. Its soft pliability makes it comfortable during physical activity and allows for a full range of motion. Neoprene is the best material for sweat vests because it has the most flexibility, durability, and effectiveness.

How Snugly Should It Fit?

Sweat shapers like neoprene fitness clothing or a vest for sweating should fit comfortably. The body needs to be able to perform a full range of motion during a workout. Follow suggested sizing instructions for the garment, which usually uses height and weight instead of standard clothing sizing. As the individual loses weight, the garment might become looser, but it still effectively increases body heat and weight loss.

How To Get the Best Results From a Sweat Vest

Wear a vest for sweating five days per week for 15- to 45-minute workouts for best results. Choose a high-quality neoprene vest, like one from Kutting Weight, to maximize results. These flexible and stylish neoprene sauna garments have added ventilation for comfort and breathability. Sign up for more information on Kutting Weight products.

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