Fight Back Against the Flu with the Sauna Suit

The flu is an illness so annoying that it strikes in the winter then makes another surprise visit to many during the summer.

For children and the elderly, the flu isn’t just a week with the sniffles, it can be life threatening. The Center for Disease Controls says that thousands of people die every year from flu-related complications. With symptoms including fever, soreness, chills, and pain, even the healthiest people can be taken out of commission because of the flu.

Put simply: You don’t want to get the flu.

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Preventative Measures Against the Flu

First, you’ll hear every single commercial-based pharmacist tell you that you need a flu shot each and every year. Why?

The strain of the flu that makes its rounds in your neighborhood is going to change from year to year. Doctors try to predict which strains will be around and they give you a shot based on their predictions. The thing is that no system is perfect and doctors aren’t always right.

What’s more, even if you get a flu shot for the exact strain of flu that is going around, you can STILL get flu-like symptoms. Then there’s the debate on the dangers of getting a flu shot and the potential side effects that can occur such as dizziness, trouble breathing, and disorders with your nerves.

With that said, it’s understandable why so many people refuse to get their flu shot each year.

So what about a natural way to prevent the flu: Does it exist?

Sure, it’s called having a healthy, ready-to-fight immune system.

You have a genius system within your body that is specifically designed to fight against illnesses such as the flu. Admittedly, having a strong immune system may not always guarantee immunity from the flu. However, remember that the stronger your immune system, the less severe your symptoms are likely to be AND the quicker you can get it out of your system.

A healthy diet coupled with exercise and potentially beneficial supplements is the foundation for keeping your immune system strong. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a short cut out there that has been scientifically proven for boosting your immune system: Introducing the sauna suit.

Science, Saunas, and Sickness

While the use of saunas has been commonplace in a variety of cultures for thousands of years, science is just now catching up with proving the benefits that a sauna provides.

A variety of recent studies have demonstrated how consistently exposing yourself to a controlled high heat environment can be beneficial in boosting your immune response.

One study published in the Ann Med Annals of Medicine demonstrated that regular sauna use did, indeed, decrease the occurrence of colds. (1)

What’s more, those who are already in good physical shape may see even more of a benefit. A study published in the Journal of Human Kinetics showed that athletes saw more improvement in their white blood cell count and overall immune response when compared to their untrained counterparts. (2)

To take this even further, another study published in JAMA Internal Medicine concluded its study citing that long term, consistent sauna use directly supported overall health and lowered the risk of mortality. (3)

All of these benefits from simply sitting around in a hot room.

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Sauna Suit, Time Saving, & Flu Prevention

With the science laid bare for all to see, there is no argument against the idea that controlled high heat exposure can benefit the human immune system.

The problem may come for many in the form of a lack of time and funds. Not everyone can run to the sauna on a daily basis. This is where the Kutting Weight sauna suit is able to help.

A fraction of the cost of the spa treatment, the sauna suit captures the same high heat environment from your own home. It may be designed to handle tough workouts but the suit can also provide a number of different health benefits including improved immune response.

With the Kutting Weight sauna suit, you will be able to safely and effectively raise your internal body temperature to match that of being inside a sauna. As numerous studies have confirmed, placing yourself within this controlled high heat environment will help to trigger a boost in your immunity. As a result, your body will be better equipped to fight off the flu or, if you already have it, get rid of it faster.

In terms of time saving, the sauna suit can’t be beat. You don’t have to worry about drive time or the cost of going to a sauna. You only need the suit and 10 to 15 minutes per day.



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