Want to Step on Stage? Learn How to Increase Muscle Mass while Cutting

The sport of bodybuilding has changed dramatically over the course of the last 20 years. While many people think it is dominated by mass monsters such as the current Mr. Olympia champion, Phil Heath, this is far from true. The world of bodybuilding has expanded to include a focus on aesthetics and not just size. For men and women alike, muscle doesn’t necessarily mean mass. If your dream is to step on the bodybuilding stage then you will want to do two things: gain lean muscle tissue and achieve an elite level of definition. Both are possible with the best weight loss apparel from Kutting Weight.

The cutting weight sauna suit is a remarkable fitness clothing product that has been scientifically proven to significantly increase muscle growth while promoting fat burning for that ripped look. Check out how the best weight loss apparel from Kutting Weight can help you realize your bodybuilding dreams.

Boost Muscle Hypertrophy for Huge Gains

Bodybuilding hopefuls can use the cutting weight sauna suit to increase muscular hypertrophy, or muscle mass. A study published in the Scandinavian Physiological Society reported a dramatic increase in muscle building growth hormones. Dr. Ronda Patrick conducted a series of studies on the benefits of the cutting weight sauna suit and discovered similar results. How is this possible? The cutting weight sauna suit can prime your body to gain muscle because it triggers the release of increased levels of growth hormones, heat stress proteins, and insulin sensitivity. In other words, it is the perfect hormone formula for muscle growth! All you have to do is put on the best weight loss apparel. (1, 2)

Get Shredded with the Cutting Weight Sauna Suit

The benefits of the best weight loss apparel don’t stop there. For those individuals looking to develop a leaner muscular look, such as for a bodybuilding competition, the cutting weight sauna suit is the perfect way to shed water weight and reach ideal fat percentage goals. (1, 2)

A study conducted by Dr. Lance Dalleck in November 2015 showed that the use of the best weight loss apparel from Kutting Weight resulted in a number of calorie burning and fat shedding benefits. The cutting weight sauna suit helped subjects burn up to 13% more calories. After the workout, their EPOC, or Excess Post Oxygen Consumption, levels were up by 22% for several hours! Not only will you retain the muscle mass you gain but you will burn away fat to reveal a ripped physique with the best weight loss apparel from Kutting Weight. (3)


If you want to achieve that rock hard body and chiseled definition so that you can live your bodybuilding dream then you need to make the commitment to the cutting weight sauna suit. The best weight loss apparel from Kutting Weight has been proven in several studies to be effective for increasing muscle mass while burning fat. This one-two punch combination can ensure you’re ready for the stage. Check out the newest Kutting Weight collection here.


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