4 Surprising Foods for Better Performance

Every time you go on the internet or walk into your local health food store, you are offered a number of different products that promise to increase your energy levels and performance. At what cost? If you look closely at the labels of most of these products, you’ll see that they contain a high amount of preservatives and artificial ingredients. How is THAT good for your health?

If you want to boost your performance and health in a natural way, here are 4 foods that you should try. Some should be taken before your workout while others should be consumed hours after.

  1. Raisins

The little snack that you used to push aside as a kid has been shown to be quite the performance enhancer for your workouts. In particular, raisins can be of great value to runners who need the glucose to go the distance. Weight lifters will also find raisins of value as the antioxidants will fight free radicals and the extra glucose will curb harmful cortisol levels.

From a weight loss standpoint, studies show that raisins elevated the metabolic response in subjects, helping to burn more fat.

Try a handful before your next workout and let us know what you think!

  1. Red Wine

Would you believe that red wine is being considered for the banned substance list in the world of professional athletes? While the jury is still out on this one, red wine has been shown to have serious potential when it comes to boosting your performance.

A number of studies have shown that subjects who consumed red wine demonstrated a higher performance level than those who did not. What’s more, one study suggests that men can benefit from red wine via increased testosterone levels. Both of these benefits make it a highly effective part of your post-workout routine.

  1. Turmeric

This spice is getting a lot of attention in both the pharmaceutical world and the alternative medicine community. Turmeric has been shown in a number of studies to be an effective way to alleviate inflammation. If you are an athlete or serious gym goer who has to consistently reach for that over-the-counter bottle to alleviate soreness or pain, it’s time to try turmeric. This natural spice is extremely effective in reducing inflammation. What’s more, turmeric has also been shown to be effective in alleviating depression symptoms.

  1. Green coffee bean

Although you’ll find caffeine in nearly all pre-workout supplements, green coffee bean isn’t the same as your standard cup of coffee. Green coffee bean is what you get before the roasting process, where caffeine levels increase. In its green form, you still have a high number of antioxidants and health boosting nutrients. What’s more, green coffee bean can boost your natural energy levels without the crash that you may get from a cup of coffee. While you can eat green coffee bean whole, it’s more convenient to supplement.

Tell Us What You Think!

Do you have a secret food weapon to boost your performance?

Let us know in the comments below!

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