Menopause: 4 Ways to Avoid Weight Gain

It’s that time in life that every woman dreads and every female comedian jokes about. Despite the jokes, menopause is no laughing matter for women. A woman’s body seems to be working against her as her hormones fluctuate. One of the most common complaints about menopause is the weight gain. You certainly don’t have to fall into the weight gain trap. Let’s review the top 4 ways to avoid weight gain during menopause.

  1. Embrace Nutrition

If watching your portions and paying attention to what you eat has never been something you did in the past, there’s no better time than menopause to start. Weight gain happens when you ingest MORE calories than you burn. If you are eating large portion sizes and not getting enough exercise, weight will quickly accumulate. You’re already fighting against your hormones so there’s no need to make things harder on yourself.

The first thing you can do is start learning about proper portion sizes. Websites like offer fantastic reference guides for free.

You can also download a calorie counting app such as MyFitnessPal. This easy-to-use app will be essential in ensuring you aren’t going over your caloric limit each day. 

  1. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Many women report having trouble sleeping during menopause and this activates a vicious cycle that leads to insomnia. Special hormones are released to help you get to sleep but during menopause, your hormones aren’t playing by the rules. This lack of sleep accumulates, ensuring more chaos with your hormones. So how do you get quality sleep when your body isn’t being fair? Here are a few great ways to ensure a sound sleep:

  • Power down all electronics and leave them in the other room
  • Don’t look at your phone or computer one hour before bed
  • Take a warm bath
  • Meditate
  • Read a book
  • Supplement with ZMA (scientifically proven to help with sleep)
  1. Stay Active

You may not feel like getting to the gym or taking a walk but it’s important that you do. Staying physically active during menopause is one of the best ways to fight off excess weight. Not a fan of the gym but you still want to get out of the house? Take a fitness class. Whether it’s dancing or kickboxing, the goal is to get up and get moving. Remember that you need to burn MORE calories than you take in so even if it’s just a 30 minute walk each day, every bit of exercise counts.

  1. Wear a Sauna Suit

If you want an easy and scientifically effective way to fight weight gain during menopause then all you need to do is suit up in a Kutting Weight sauna suit.

This neoprene weight loss suit has been shown in a series of studies by Dr. Lance Dalleck to support fat burning, cardiovascular health, and overall weight loss. How does the sauna suit work? The special neoprene material used for the sauna suit allows your body temperature to safely reach optimal levels for metabolic boosting and fat burning. The result is more calories burned, more weight lost, and a healthier you.

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