4 Lifting Tricks to Build Bigger Arms

When it comes to the glamor muscles, nothing beats a well-built set of arms. If you’re happy with the overall size of your frame and you want to start boosting your arm mass, there are tips and tricks that work best. Let’s take a look at the top 4 tricks to building bigger arms.

  1. Perfect Your Technique

Let’s start off simple. When arms are the focus, one of the most common mistakes you’ll see guys doing involves their grip. This is seriously one of the easiest tricks in the book.

Sure, these guys may have perfected their form.

They may have selected the ideal resistance for their sets.

If you aren’t forcing the blood into the muscle, you are cheating yourself of serious gains.

If you want to notice an instant change during your biceps and triceps workout, then it’s all about squeezing. Once you’re set up for the exercise, literally squeeze the bar as hard as you can THEN perform the movement. The intensity of the exercise is going to skyrocket and you’ll be able to feel a huge difference. Do this for every repetition.

  1. Strive for Failure

Pair the above trick with failure sets and you’ll be looking at a serious set of shredded arms. Failure sets are exactly what they sound like: You do as many repetitions as you possibly can before your body drops the weight from failure.

Want to maximize failure sets for arm growth? Perform a Pyramid Set format. Pyramid Sets involve increasing and decreasing weight and repetitions in relation to one another. Here is a Pyramid Set workout that you can follow to trigger muscle growth. Keep in mind that there are no breaks.

Bicep Curls

Set 1: 15 repetitions at 10 lbs

Set 2: 12 repetitions at 15 lbs

Set 3: 10 repetitions at 20 lbs

Set 4: 8 repetitions at 25 lbs

Set 5: 6 repetitions at 30 lbs

Set 6: 8 repetitions at 25 lbs

Set 7: 10 repetitions at 20 lbs

Set 8: 12 repetitions at 15 lbs

Set 9: 15 repetitions at 10 lbs

  1. Supplement Those Gains

You have your workout to maximize size so the grunt work is finished.

Now, you have to focus on where the actual building of the muscle happens: nutrition and supplementation.

You already know that nutrition makes up 70% of the results you see in the mirror. Supplementation only adds to that. If you want to promote serious gains in muscle size, there are 3 supplements we’d recommend adding to your daily shake.


  • Supports lean muscle mass gains
  • Increases strength during workouts
  • Enhances endurance and performance


  • Protects muscles against protein breakdown
  • Supports the post-workout recovery process

Whey protein

  • Promotes an increase in lean muscle mass
  • Protects against muscle loss
  • Boosts total body strength

  1. Rest Up

How is it that the easiest thing on our list is also the most important?

Despite being the easiest thing on the list, too many guys skip on sleep.

Proper sleep is critical if you want to see results AND avoid over training symptoms. It’s during sleep that your body actively works to repair and recover. It’s also the time when it promotes muscle growth. This has a lot to do with growth hormones. Growth hormones are released during R.E.M. sleep. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, your body can’t take advantage of those important growth factors.

Strive for 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night if you want to see real results.


Tell Us What You Think!

Do you have a sick set of guns?

What was your secret to attaining serious size and growth?

Tell us in the comments section below!


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