Moving soon? Here are the Top 4 Fittest Cities to Consider

A change of scenery is always welcome, especially when it comes with the added excitement of starting over. If you’re planning on moving soon and you want to make it easier to be more active, then we are going to review 4 of the fittest cities in the United States.

How Did We Make This List?

This list is based on the ACSM American Fitness Index, which ranks the 50 biggest cities in the nation according to the following:

  • Preventive health behaviors
  • Incidence of chronic disease conditions
  • Access to health care
  • Community resources and policies that support fitness

We also tried to get a mix of cities. If you look at the full report, you’ll notice that many of the cities are on the West coast. So lace up your running shoes, fine tune your bike, and pack enough water for the trail: You’re going to have a tough time choosing between these 4 cities.

  1. Salt Lake City, Utah

Ranking in the top 10 on the ACSM fitness index, Salt Lake City may surprise many as being one of the fittest cities in the nation. With its rolling hills and lengthy trails, Salt Lake City is a jogger’s paradise.

Salt Lake City is home to one of the lowest populations of smokers in America and it’s also very low on the list for those with heart disease.

Explore the city by foot and traverse the paths by bike as you make Salt Lake City your new home.

  1. Denver, Colorado

There’s a reason that Denver gets so much attention and it’s not for the reason you’re thinking.

Denver is one of the fittest cities in the country. Whether you prefer a short walk through a local park or you want to tackle the great wilderness, Denver has you covered.

Denver has consistently been a more open minded city towards better health and alternative medicine and its top spot on the ACSM index reflects this. It can boast about having one of the lowest rates of obesity in the entire nation. What’s more, Denver is very farm friendly, encouraging residents to buy local.

  1. Minneapolis, MN

Known as a business savvy place to live, Minneapolis is also one of the fittest cities in the country. Despite the hustle of business, many people opt for walking and biking. In a constant competition for the number one spot, Minneapolis has one of the lowest death rates associated with cardiovascular disease, heart disease, and diabetes.

Even more of a reason to make the move to the Twin Cities is the air quality. The city boasts one of the lowest populations of asthma sufferers.

  1. Washington, D.C.

No stranger to the top spot on the ACSM fitness index, Washington, D.C. is the fittest city in America. The nation’s capital is home to some of the lowest rates of these populations:

  • Smokers
  • Cardiovascular disease / heart disease / diabetes death rates
  • Obesity

It promotes the use of its many local parks, drawing people with farmer’s markets and health festivals. For anyone who has visited D.C., you know just how easy it is to walk anywhere in the city!


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