Boost Your Wrestling Performance with the Sauna Suit

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The sauna suit has been a part of the wrestling training routine for years. What started out with garbage bags and other primitive methods has evolved into well-made stylish suits. Kutting Weight has taken the sauna suit to the next level, offering triple reinforced flexible elastic neoprene fabric that is covered with a thin layer of lycra. Made for wrestlers by wrestlers, the sauna suit can help to improve your wrestling performance. Wear the sauna suit for consistent and non-excessive amounts of time to trigger positive bodily adaptations. In turn, this will promote a number of positive benefits to enhance your wrestling training and get you ready for your matches.



Mimicking the environment of an actual sauna, the sauna suit is able to rev up your body’s metabolic processes. Famously, the sauna suit has been shown to help with cutting weight for wrestling by shedding excess water weight from the body. To take it one step further, the internal heat produced via the sauna suit will assist the body in expunging toxins from the body via increased production of sweat. (1)


INCREASE WRESTLING PERFORMANCEmale wrestler, athlete training

Wearing a sauna suit places new demands on the body such as prioritizing energy utilization and forces it to adapt. At the same time, the rate of blood flow in your body increases. How are the two related? Since blood flow is how your body transports nutrients and oxygen, your body will be able to learn how to become more efficient at utilizing fuel for performance. This study published in Journal of Applied Physiology shows that subjects who utilized a sauna suit were able to train harder for a longer period of time while conserving fuel. Think about how this will be helpful during your match as you’ll be able to outlast and outperform your opponent.



Training for wrestling, whether through drills or weight lifting, will cause micro tears in your muscles. This is the reason you feel sore the next day. Soreness can impact performance as you wait for your body to heal. As mentioned above, blood flow acts as the carrier vehicle for nutrients and oxygen. Both of which are required for muscle repair. With an enhanced rate of blood flow moving throughout your body, nutrients are delivered to your muscle fibers faster, resulting in an increased rate of recovery. A study published in the Alternative Medicine Review shows how effective the sauna suit can be for speeding up recovery.




TRAIN YOUR BRAINwrestler, athlete, sauna suit, cut weight

The heat stress you’ll experience while wearing a real sauna suit helps to train your brain as well as your body. Hyperthermic conditioning, heat stress via a controlled environment of elevated temperature, has been shown to promote the production, storage, and release of the fight-or-flight hormone, norepinephrine. This hormone vastly enhances your concentration and focus. As you’ll see in this study from the European Journal of Applied Physiology and Occupational Physiology, subjects using a sauna suit experienced an increase of up to 310% in norepinephrine! Again, this is very useful during a match as you have to watch and predict the movements of your opponent.



Get yourself ready for matches and tournaments with the Kutting Weight sauna suit. This revolutionary design will help you cut weight, heal faster, and improve performance. Buy the Kutting Weight sauna suit today and experience the difference.



1. University of Wisconsin-Madison. “Sauna-Induced Sweating Offers Many Health Benefits.” 2011. Web.


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