Mens- Sauna Pants

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Mens- Sauna Pants

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Mens- Sauna Pants

Our durable neoprene Sauna Pants will change the way you see your workout.

Our Mens Sauna Pants are designed specifically to trap heat and help your body sweat, increasing calorie burn and water weight loss. The pants are the perfect blend of form and function to take your workout to the next level. Get to your best physical condition with our Sauna Pants’ unparalleled results.

Our cut weight sauna pants are the perfect addition to any of the products in our cutting weight mens collections.  If you're looking for cutting weight apparel to cut weight for fight preparation, diet, or just to step up your workout this is the perfect addition to cut weight for men.  Check the cutting weight sauna pants out today!

Key Features:

  • Flexible elastic neoprene fabric
  • 1.7mm thick
  • Triple reinforced
  • Comfortable fit that allows more of your skin to breathe
  • Drawstring for optimal sizing
  • Sits low on hips
  • Specifically designed to move with you through any type of exercise


  • Increased metabolism
  • Increased flexibility
  • Immune system detox
  • Calories burned
  • Increased mental and physical toughness

The Kutting Weight Lifestyle:

“I can’t express to Dustin enough about how his awesome gear has made me reach my goals. Not only do you sweat but the pants are the best workout pants I’ve ever used."- Shawn from Ontario, Canada

Care Instructions:

The best way to wash and care for the KW clothing is by rinsing it off with water and letting it hang dry. This can even be done in the shower after a workout for convenience. You can occasionally machine wash and dry it (using regular laundry detergent). Hand rinsing ensures longevity of the clothing.

Safety Message:

Do not overexert yourself. Stop exercising immediately and consult your doctor if you experience pain or tightness in your chest, irregular heartbeat, shortness in breath, or if you feel faint, nauseous, or dizzy. Before starting this or any exercise program, consult a physician or health professional. Make sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after exercising.

*This product is CA Prop 65 compliant.*

Mens- Sauna Pants has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 49 reviews.
Reviews for Mens- Sauna Pants
5 out of 5, based on 16 reviews
Neil from Virginia on May 24, 2014
I have used this suit for 2 years now as a means of increasing the intensity of my training and in order to cut weight for MMA and BJJ competition. The suit is bar none the best available. I only wish the Sauna suit covered the full body to the wrist and ankles. Within 5 minutes of warm ups I can feel the sweat begin and I can feel my heart rate jump. When I take off the suit it is as fi the weight has been lifted and energy and stamina levels are never a concern. I get very nervous during competition and my body heats up instantly, the suit simulates this anxiety and nervousness in training so when I step on the mat or in the cage I feel at ease.
cris from md on Feb 20, 2014
This is a good product , comfortable and styling .. it is made sweat a lot during the workout. Increased metabolism and calories burned. Easy to wash and clean. super fast shipping and great customer service....Fantastic ....

Sami Jeljeli from London on Feb 13, 2014
I was very skeptical to order the sauna pants because it would be such a hassle to return them from the UK if i didn't like them. I was so wrong! The material is so light and the fit is perfect. I just got it today and tried it straight away, extremely comfortable and looks great. Am starting my training plan tomorrow and can't wait to receive the sauna shirt!! I shall post more feedback in a few weeks time!
Justin Briney from Iowa on Jan 03, 2014
Love the pants. Wore them for 3 weeks and always got nice and sweaty. I had to go to walmart one day after my workout and noticed that I was leaving sweat prints behind me. I did have an issue with the drawstring holes tearing a bit. But when I emailed Cazzy, she got back to me in around an hour. They took care of the problem. Fantastic product and an even better company!!!!!
Rich from Minnesota on Dec 05, 2013
Just received the pants, shirt and hat. Very easy to wear and are very comfortable. Highly recommended.
Juneau from Thunder Bay, Canada on Sep 29, 2013
Love the pants. The draw string is very important cause I have long legs so I need a size up for it but the draw string allows me to to keep the waist tight as well.
Andrew Arriaga from perris ,ca on Sep 05, 2013
Great product super fast shipping and u sweat as soon as u put it on! Dustin and Cazzy= greatest customer service beyond everyone else!
Shawn from Bradford, Ont. Canada on Apr 15, 2013
I just used the Sauna Pants in my power workout. Wow crazy sweat!!! I have used Kutting Weight gear for a year now and lost tons of water. I can't express to Dustin enough about how his awesome gear has made me reach my goals. Not only do you sweat but the pants are the best workout pants I've ever used. I'm a Kutting Weight GearHead forever!!!
Anthony Lewis from NYC, NYC on Feb 26, 2013
Received my shirt and pants yesterday, man what an intense workout. Received a lot of comments from gym patrons as well to what I was wearing and the non stop sweat that I had going while doing cardio and weight lifting. Only thing I would advise you to do is like breaking in new shoes wear the shirt for a little bit and stretch and move about with it to get it to your comfort level or you will feel tight. Other than that GREAT PRODUCT AND I WILL BE BUYING MORE ITEMS!!! Going to order the beanie today.
Mike S from NC on Feb 09, 2013
I already had the shirt but the combination of the pants AND shirt is INSANE! Last time I sweat like this was back in high school at wrestling practice! I lost almost 14 pounds in under 2 hours. Do yourself a favor and invest in the whole outfit....TRUST ME!
Deb from Houston, TX on Jan 25, 2013
Oh, I love these pants! I wore some tight leggings underneath whilst doing my squats & lunges and whatnot and was sweating like crazy. Possibly even better than that was that they really kept my muscles warm AND I feel like it is really increasing my conditioning to have the Kutting Weight clothing on when doing the workouts. I also have the long sleeve shirt and the one piece suit that zips up in the front. Now I just need the hat and I'll be set, lol ;-)
Tove from Sweden on Jan 23, 2013
These pants is really good for training and cutting weight. The fabric and fit make sure you can still move freely, they have pockets and are also stylish.
Aaron Walker from TX on Oct 13, 2012
I usually hate wearing some kind of pants while working out, but after my first week with the sauna pant, I'm very impressed. I can't wait to see the results in another week. Durable and comfortable, what else do you need?
Matt Kelly from Boston on Oct 13, 2012
I loved these pants! When I wear them to the gym I always get comments on them. People always want to know where I got them!
Kirk Allen from MN on Oct 13, 2012
Have been an avid fan of Kutting Weight for over a year now, since discovering the company. These pants most definitely help you sweat and shed weight from your legs alone!

Definitely recommended for those who want to lose weight!!!
Z from earth on Oct 13, 2012
The pants have style and function. They look like sweat pants and you literally sweat your ass off.

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