Do Sweat Suits Work? And Which Sweat Suits Are Most Effective?

Sweat suits have been a fashion statement for decades, but they can be used as more than just an outfit. The term actually refers to one purpose of such a suit, which is to help people sweat. Sweating helps to rid the body of harmful toxins and excess water, and it can contribute to weight loss. Understanding the purpose of a sweat suit, as well as learning more about whether wearing one can help you lose weight or burn fat, can help you determine whether to incorporate this style of suit into your wardrobe. This article can help answer the frequently asked question, do sweat suits work?

Man standing in gym wearing Kutting Weight black neoprene sauna suit

What Is a Sweat Suit Used For?

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A sweat suit is a waterproof tracksuit that helps to retain heat, leading to an increase in perspiration. This type of suit can be made of neoprene, rubber, plastic, or any other material that keeps in heat. Another term for this type of suit is 'sauna suit,' as people may wear them while sitting in saunas to increase their sweat output. A sweat suit is used to increase the body's core temperature. Keep reading to learn more about how sweat suits work and how wearing one can help you burn fat.

Do Sweat Suits Work?

The first question you might ask when learning about this type of suit is, do sweat suits work? And the answer is yes, they work in a number of ways. When you wear a sweat suit, the purpose is to increase your core body temperature, which can increase how much sweat your body produces during a workout. As mentioned, sweating is the natural way for the body to cool itself down. When that can't happen, your body continues to sweat, releasing more fluid.

What's the Effect of Sweat Suits on the Body?

When you weigh yourself after exercising in a sweat suit, you will most likely see a drop in your body weight. Much of the weight loss comes in the form of fluid loss, so when you replenish your fluids to hydrate your body and its vital organs, your weight may go back up. However, when used as part of a healthy lifestyle that includes a nutritious, balanced diet and regular physical activity, wearing a sweat suit can help you get better results in your efforts to drop pounds, and sweat suits can help you burn fat.

Do Sweat Suits Burn Fat?

Woman standing in parking lot wearing sports bra and black workout pants

One of the top questions asked is, do sweat suits work, or specifically if wearing one can help the body burn fat. When you exercise, the body naturally breaks down fat and uses it as fuel to give you energy. The natural breakdown of fat results in a rise in the body's core temperature, which then leads to sweating. Perspiration is the human body's natural response to an increase in temperature. As you sweat, the heat in your body gets released.

Backing Up the Claims That Sweat Suits Burn Fat

New research from a study performed at Western State Colorado University shows that exercising in a sauna suit can help burn fat at a faster rate than if you were to exercise in traditional workout gear. In other words, sweat suits work. This study, led by Lance C. Dalleck, Ph.D., included 45 participants. Each was overweight and was not physically active at the start. The research team split the participants into two groups.

Half of the group exercised five days per week for 45 minutes per day while wearing a sauna suit. The other half did the same amount of physical activity but did so wearing traditional exercise apparel. At the end of the eight-week period, those involved in the study found that the health improvements were greater for the participants who wore sauna suits. The most significant improvement was the maximum volume of oxygen that can be used during physical activity. This measurement indicates an individual's aerobic fitness level.

Additional Benefits of Wearing a Sweat Suit

There are other noteworthy improvements when wearing a sweat suit. Some of these include improved blood pressure levels, a loss of total body weight, and the number of calories burned while in a state of rest. When worn properly and safely, a sauna suit can help people lose weight and burn fat, according to Cedric X. Bryant, Ph.D., and the chief science officer at the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Dr. Bryant also indicated that the answer to the commonly asked question if sweat suits burn fat is yes.

Do Sweat Suits Help You Lose Weight?

Man lifting a weight bar wearing a black Kutting Weight neoprene sauna suit

You may spot people in the gym or out on the track wearing a plastic or rubber suit beneath their workout clothing or as their outfit for exercise. The people wearing the suits have likely heard about the benefits that can come with wearing a sweat suit during physical activity and have learned that sweat suits work!

Wearing a sweat suit can also increase the number of calories burned during a workout, which does link directly to weight loss. In the aforementioned study, researchers found that participants who exercised while wearing sweat suits burned more calories while at rest than their counterparts. When your body burns more calories, this can translate to weight loss, as long as you are taking in fewer calories than the body is burning. So the short answer is, yes, a sweat suit does work.

How To Style a Sweat Suit

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Styling a sweat suit is easy! When choosing your suit, make sure to select the right size for your body. It should fit loosely and feel comfortable when you put it on. Beneath the suit, wear moisture-wicking, tight-fitting undergarments, such as a sports bra and briefs. You can then wear the sweat suit on its own or top it with your favorite workout tank and pants. And if anyone asks you if sweat suits work, you can answer them confidently while looking stylish.

How To Wash Neoprene Sweat Suits

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Now that you know the answer to the question, do sweat suits work, it's helpful to learn how to care for your suit. Keeping your sweat suit clean can prevent bacteria growth and odors. Read the care label on your suit to determine whether it should be hand-washed or if it can go into the washing machine. You can also wear your suit into the shower after your workout for a quick rinse. If you wear your sauna suit daily, it's recommended to wash it with a mild detergent about once per week. Hang it to dry, but check the manufacturer's instructions before you put it in direct sunlight. Your sweat suit will then be ready to help you burn fat.

If you want to achieve your weight loss goals, a sweat suit may help you do so more effectively.Kutting Weight Neoprene Sauna Suits can help you lose weight quickly. These suits have been scientifically proven to contribute to a significant increase in metabolism (20.8%) and greater weight loss (40.4%) when compared to exercise performed under similar conditions with no sauna suit clothing. Our line of men's sauna suits includes snug-fitting pieces with durability, convenience, and flexibility. Our women's sauna suit collection bridges the gap between fitness and fashion, ensuring breathability and comfort with added ventilation.

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