Why a Short Sleeve Sauna Shirt is Your Key to Upper Body Gains

As important as it may be to develop the size and strength of your lower body, when it comes to hitting the beach or laying poolside, nothing grabs attention faster than a muscular upper body. For guys who want to turn heads when taking off the shirt, it’s important to have a well-made workout program. What’s more, it’s all about what you’re wearing too. A short sleeve sauna shirt can be your key to producing maximum upper body gains. Let’s take a look at how the short sauna sleeve shirt can increase lean muscle tissue while reducing body fat.

Increase Intra-Workout Performance with the Short Sauna Sleeve Shirt

The first step to getting the upper body you want is to ensure you are making the most of your time in the weight room. A dynamic warm up, especially during the colder months, is an important way to prepare the body for the greater workload to follow. It also helps to prevent injury. Capturing the same benefits as a real sauna, the short sleeve sauna shirt will increase the rate of blood flow in the body. Blood flow is important as it is essential to the pre-workout process. Your muscles will be better prepared as your body temperature increases and the rate of nutrient delivery is accelerated. By wearing a short sauna sleeve shirt, your body will experience a huge boost in blood flow. (1, 2)

Use Energy More Efficiently

The utilization of the short sauna sleeve shirt over the long term will make your muscles more efficient at energy usage. When you want to reveal the muscle you’re building, you need the body to use fat and ingested nutrients as fuel instead of stored glycogen. The short sleeve sauna shirt improves the body’s ability to save stored fuel and use body fat instead. (1)

More Muscle, Less Time with the Short Sleeve Sauna Shirt

The common outlook on the elevated temperatures within a sauna highlights the benefits of weight loss and fat burning. Many people are unaware that the increase in body temperature via a short sauna sleeve shirt can also support lean muscle gains. When the body’s internal temperature increases while wearing a short sleeve sauna shirt, specialized proteins called heat stress proteins are released. Heat stress proteins have been shown in a number of studies to support muscle mass. Heat stress proteins boost the release of growth hormones, which are needed to support the repair and growth process of muscle tissue. If you want to maximize your heat stress proteins, then you need to suit up in a short sauna sleeve shirt. (3)


From getting your muscles ready for an intense workout to promoting the post-workout recovery process, the short sleeve sauna shirt is an ideal accessory to achieving your fitness goals. Providing you with the same benefits as a real sauna, the short sauna sleeve shirt can safely elevate your body temperature, boost blood flow, encourage proper energy usage, support growth hormone release, and enhance muscular gains as well as fat loss. If you want real results in less time, there’s no greater tool than the short sleeve sauna shirt. Check out our current fashionable collection of the short sauna sleeve shirt today at the Kutting Weight website.


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