Sauna Suits and Supplements - How One Helps the Other for Weight Loss

The fitness supplement industry has found its way into most homes across the world. The ease and convenience of boosting performance, muscle building, and fat burning in a safe way has helped create a supplement empire that is worth 37 billion dollars. Not all supplements are created equally. What’s more, most supplements are hard to assimilate within the body. One of the best ways to ensure you get your money’s worth is to pair up supplement use with a sauna suit for weight loss. Let’s take a look at how sauna suits for weight loss may speed up your progress when responsibly using supplements.

Remember: Kutting Weight does NOT support or recommend the use of diuretic supplements for weight loss, especially in combination with a sauna suit.

Blood Flow Benefits

Poor blood flow is a very common yet avoidable condition that many people suffer from. Proper blood flow ensures ideal temperature regulation as well as timely transportation of critical nutrients within the body. Blood flow acts as a carrier. If blood flow is restricted then your body suffers. Inflammation is a perfect example of this. Studies show that by using a sauna suit for weight loss, you’ll be able to enhance your blood flow. This will ensure a higher level of nutrient uptake. In other words, your body will be able to utilize every bit of the supplement that you ingest. (1)

Sauna suits for weight loss will also improve total body blood circulation. Not only will your body be able to fully utilize the weight loss supplement you are using but it will also be able to circulate important repair nutrients, helping you to recover faster following a workout. (1)

Best Supplements to Pair with the Sauna Suit

Once you have your sauna suit for weight loss, it’ll be important to select the right supplement to complement your weight loss goals. The ideal supplement is thermogenic by nature. The best thermogenic supplements are proven by science and clinical trials to naturally increase your body’s metabolic ability. Once ingested, your body will oxidize, or burn, fat at a much higher rate than it would normally. This internal reaction is why thermogenic supplements are commonly referred to as “Fat Burners.” Paired with sauna suits for weight loss, you won’t believe the results you can achieve.

Proven Thermogenic Ingredients

As mentioned above, it’s not enough to trust flashy marketing labels. You want a thermogenic ingredient that has been proven to work. The following ingredients have been demonstrated via clinical trials to promote a high level of fat burning, making them ideal to pair with sauna suits for weight loss. In order to test your tolerance, we would recommend looking for a blend of these thermogenic ingredients in one supplement then taking the minimum dosage with the sauna suit for weight loss.

African Mango

  • A study from Lipids in Health and Disease demonstrated the power of African Mango as subjects reported appetite suppression and fewer hunger cravings. At the end of the trial, all subjects taking the supplement had lower levels of body fat and improved cholesterol levels. (2) Imagine your results with the African Mango and the sauna suit for weight loss.

Cayenne Pepper Fruit

  • The British Journal of Nutrition published a study that showed the Capsaicin found within the Cayenne Pepper triggered high level fat oxidation while improving blood cholesterol and supporting digestive processes. (3) This ingredient is sure to be an excellent addition to sauna suits for weight loss.


  • Originally used as a libido booster, Yohimbine is now found within most thermogenic blends. This amazing ingredient was shown in a study from Research in Sports Medicine to block fat storage receptors while promoting the use of fat for fuel. (4) This is one of the best ingredients to pair with the sauna suit for weight loss.


If you’re serious about losing weight fast but want to do it in a safe way, then try combining two proven methods: supplementation and sauna suits for weight loss. Thermogenic supplements encourage a higher level of natural fat burning while the sauna suit for weight loss promotes a boost in metabolism. Together, they will help you reach your fitness goals. Check out the sauna suits for weight loss in the Kutting Weight collection.


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