Best Workouts for Women Featuring Sauna Gear

If your mission is to lose weight, there are a variety of fitness options that have been proven to trigger a higher level of fat burning. One of the best ways to maximize your body’s fat burning potential is through the use of sauna gear. Whether you want to buy women’s sauna shirt, buy women’s sauna pants, or buy women’s sauna suit, this high tech fitness gear triggers an immediate metabolic response from your body. The result is increased fat loss, detoxification, and more toned muscle. Let’s take a look at some of the best workouts to perform and pair up with your sauna clothing.


Yoga is one of the most effective ways to lose weight while promoting flexibility, balance, and inner peace. Yoga clothing, on the other hand, is only good for drawing unneeded attention your way. Trade in your colorful yoga pants for sauna clothing that will promote a higher level of fat burning during your workout. It is recommended that you buy women's sauna shirt and buy women's sauna pants. The reason? Yoga classes tend to be an hour and a half long. You’ll want to let your body breathe as much as possible and the separate, unattached shirt and pants combination lets you do just that. You can buy women’s sauna suit for shorter class.

If you haven’t done yoga yet, try this video out and see how you like it. Be sure to wear your sauna gear.


If you’re more of a hands-on kind of girl, then nothing beats the benefits you’ll get from traditional resistance training. Weight training has been shown for decades to promote weight loss, increase healthy lean muscle tissue, boost cardiovascular health, enhance immunity, and much more. Too often, you’ll see men and women wearing too little while lifting weights. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to increase your fat burning. You can buy women's sauna suit, buy women's sauna shirt, or buy women's sauna pants. All will be ideal for the weight room. When suited up in your new sauna clothing, try out this full body workout that is guaranteed to support fat loss:

Dumbbell Squats: 3 sets of 12 to 15 repetitions

Barbell Bench Press: 3 x 12-15

Leg Curl Machine: 2 x 12-15

Lat Pulldown: 3 x 12-15

Decline Crunches: 2 x 20-25

Plank: 2 x 45 seconds

Leg Lifts: 2 x 10-15


Chances are, like most women, you live a chaotic lifestyle. Between getting the kids off to school, rushing through traffic to work, and managing the household, squeezing in time for the gym may not always be realistic. If you have 15 minutes to spare at home, then a High Intensity Interval Workout is what you need. For the fast paced movements and the high intensity, we would recommend that you buy women's sauna suit. You can buy women’s sauna shirt and buy women’s sauna pants but you may find that the looser fitting sauna clothing may get in the way. Try out this at-home workout:

Complete every exercise back-to-back with no break. Once you complete the full list, rest, and then begin again. Repeat 2 to 4 times.

Bodyweight Squats: 25

Push-ups (Can be done on knees): 10

Lunges: 20

Superman (Back Extension): 15

Jump Squats: 15

Mountain Climbers: 20


Losing the weight you want doesn’t have to be difficult. Armed with the right workout and the proper sauna clothing, you can reach your fitness goals before you know it. Whether you buy women's sauna suit, buy women's sauna shirt, or buy women's sauna pants, you’ll be giving your body the extra advantage it needs. Take a look at the Kutting Weight collection today!

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