Prepare for a Powerlifting Competition with the Best Men’s Sauna Suit

Powerlifting is a special niche within the realm of resistance training where weight lifters focus solely on moving as much weight as possible. More often than not, you’ll find powerlifters performing three primary exercises: the squat, the deadlift, and the bench press. When a powerlifter competes, the grand total of the weight from all three of these exercises becomes the athlete’s powerlifting number. Since powerlifters may move up to 100% of their one-repetition maximum during every workout, it’s no surprise that it is considered an extreme sport that requires intense dedication and sacrifice. If you are a powerlifter looking to maximize your gains and recovery for an upcoming competition, then let the best men’s sauna shirt and the best men’s sauna suit lead you to victory.

 Role of Growth Hormones In Regard to Power

Growth hormones play an important role in your body for everyday needs such as cellular repair. When your goal is to maximize your power in weight lifting, the need for an elevated number of growth hormones becomes critical. Growth hormones such as testosterone support muscle development in power and strength while promoting recovery. (1)

Using the best men’s sauna shirt or the best men’s sauna suit, you can mimic the benefits of a real sauna. Sauna use has a number of benefits but, with an emphasis on powerlifting, it has been shown to elevate the levels of growth hormones that your body produces. (1) You can reap the benefits of a sauna without the pricey membership cost by using the best men’s sauna shirt and the best men’s sauna suit.

Avoid Overtraining, Recover Faster

Over training is a very real and common concern for powerlifters. These athletes are lifting 100% of their one-repetition maximum during each workout, several times per week. This heightened amount of stress places the body in a compromised position. Muscle repair and recovery is crucial for the powerlifter to continue seeing gains while avoiding overtraining symptoms such as extreme fatigue and muscle degradation.

The best men’s sauna shirt and the best men’s sauna suit trigger an increased production of heat stress proteins in the body. These specialized proteins amplify the body’s natural ability to recover, thereby avoiding overtraining and injury. (1) This is ideal for powerlifters as muscle soreness will be greatly reduced or eliminated completely.

Maximizing Your Lifts

The elevation of body temperature by using the best men’s sauna shirt and the best men’s sauna suit has been shown to increase strength levels. During a study published in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, body temperatures reached a safe elevation of 101 degrees Fahrenheit. This range produced a number of benefits including increased strength. (2) Since results and progress are based solely on your overall power and strength, elevating these features is vital for a powerlifter.


Powerlifting is a sport that requires the athlete’s full commitment and intensity. You need to give it everything you have during every meet. Each competition is a chance to prove yourself. Make sure you’re able to achieve the numbers you want with the power of the best men’s sauna shirt and the best men’s sauna suit. Get serious about your powerlifting goals and take a look at the new line of the best men’s sauna suit and the best men’s sauna shirt from Kutting Weight.


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