Boost Growth Hormones with the Sauna Suit

Saunas have been a way of life for thousands of years across numerous cultures. Only now is research finally revealing the true benefits of sauna use. Studies show that sauna use is time well spent for increasing your natural growth hormone levels. You can capture the same benefits from the sauna without the costly membership by using a sauna suit. Let’s take a look at why boosting these hormones is beneficial for your health.


Enhancing the presence of growth hormones is important for overall health but especially if you want to increase your fat metabolism and levels of lean muscle mass growth. As you can see in this study from the American Journal of Medicine, making the sauna a part of your weekly routine can help to boost important growth hormones including testosterone.

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As demonstrated in this study published in the Journal of Athletic Training, growth hormones work with heat stress proteins to not only protect your current level of lean muscle tissue but also to activate muscular hypertrophy, or enlarging of the muscle.




Growth hormones are also renowned for boosting the body’s ability to burn fat as a primary energy source. A study published in Hormone Research in Paediatrics showed the correlation between increased growth hormone levels and improved fat burning.



You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars each month to enjoy the benefits that a sauna can provide. Sauna suits, such as the ones that Kutting Weight offers, activate the same biological processes to ensure the same increase in growth hormones. Make the investment in yourself today with a sauna suit from Kutting Weight.

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