Are these fit moms taking it too far?

It is widely known that moms-to-be should remain active during their pregnancy. A regular exercise routine along with a balanced diet is recommended for a healthy mom and baby.

However these famous fit moms of Instagram are taking it to a whole new level. Many of these insta-famous moms still have defined abdominals and cut muscles up to 8 months into their pregnancy.

Today’s debate: Fit or Famished?


Bella Falconi, Fit mom, instagram


Fit mom, instagram, exercise


fit mom, instagram, healthy pregnancy


Jess Hilgenberg,  Fit mom, instagram


Sarah Stage, fit pregnancy, controversy

What do you think? Is this ABsolutely ABsurd? Or are these fitmoms being wrongly judged for sharing their pregnancy story while being a fitness model, athlete, or bikini competitor?

Read the full article "Pregnant Model Sarah Stage's Tiny Belly Causes Social Media Uproar" on Yahoo News.

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  • As a doula, I encourage women to stay active during their pregnancy because it helps with labor, delivery, and postpartum recovery. Many women are able to sustain a workout routine that is similar to their pre-pregnancy exercise but with modifications to protect their baby, and usually decreased activity as their pregnancy continues. While some of the pictures may seem extreme, if their care provider (OB or midwife) is comfortable with their baby’s development and weight gain in the womb, then I don’t see what the problem is.


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