What to do in the Locker Room? 5 Etiquette Ways Explained

We’ve all had that experience after finishing up a workout. Men and women alike go into the locker room to wash up and change and, without fail, there’s always someone breaking one of several unspoken rules. In all fairness, since these rules are socially agreed upon and not spoken, maybe some people just miss out on the hints. Let’s take a look at the top 5 things to remember when you enter a locker room.

  1. Baby Powder

Men and women both make this mistake. Have you ever stepped into the locker room to find a white cloud hovering in the air and the floor is covered in a fine powder? This would be the sign that an avid baby powder user was here. It’s okay if you want to powder up for the day ahead but don’t be that person who makes a mushroom cloud from a baby product. 

Apply it directly to a paper towel first, close the bottle, and then apply it to yourself. You’ll save yourself and everyone else the hassle of a mess.

  1. NFL Locker Room

We are happy that you’ve had a great workout. It’s inspiring to see you get closer to your goals of strength and performance. The thing is that not everyone in the locker room wants to hear about it. Don’t be that guy or girl who comes into the locker room as if you’re football team just won the Super Bowl. Celebrate silently until you get with your bros at the bar.

  1. Bodybuilding Stage

On the same idea as above, you’ll always run into the “posers” in the locker room. These are the men and women who think they are stepping on to the Mr. Olympia stage despite being surrounding by apathetic gym goers.

Everyone sees the amount of muscle you’ve gained, there’s no need to start a pose down while other people are getting ready to run out the door for work. Save your Arnold routine for when you get back to the privacy of your home.

The ONLY exception to this would be if you are in an actual bodybuilding-focused gym. Then you’ll just be joining the crowd.

  1. Someone Else Will Clean it Up

For full grown adults, this should never be an issue but, sadly, it is. Your mother isn’t coming to the gym every day to pick up after you. Those shampoo bottles and soap wrappers that you’re leaving tossed aside have to be cleaned up by the staff, if the gym has one. Otherwise, your fellow fitness enthusiasts are cleaning up your mess. Don’t be lazy. Throw away your trash.

  1. Baring it All

Getting naked for the shower is something you have to do. Everyone knows that. What you don’t have to do is continue walking around in the same manner post-shower. Men and women can both relate to stepping into the locker room after a hard workout to find someone else walking around in their birthday suit, despite everyone else being dressed.

Maybe it’s a societal thing but not everyone is comfortable with your nudity. We’re glad you’re proud enough to walk around without clothes but save it for at home.

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