Want a Six Pack? Here's the Ab Exercises You're Not Doing

Everyone wants to have a lean and defined stomach. While dieting makes up the majority of the results that you’ll see in the mirror, exercise is just as important to sculpt and pop those abdominal muscles. If you’ve been struggling month after month while you just do sit-ups, then you’re missing out on some of the best abdominal exercises to give you that six pack stomach.

Let’s take a look at the best core exercises to achieve six pack success.

  1. Vacuum

The vacuum is one of the most under-utilized ab exercises in the industry. Best thing is that you don’t even have to move. You can choose to stand or sit for this one. What you want to do is fully exhale and keep going to engage those deep abdominal muscles. If you’ve never performed this one before, you’ll want to practice sitting down first just in case you feel light headed. The important thing is to breathe out, contract the core (pull it in), and keep exhaling until your body can’t do it anymore.

Watch a great video tutorial here.

  1. Extended Crunch

When you’re trying to sculpt the upper part of your abdominals, nothing works better than an extended crunch. Why “extended?” The extended part of the exercise means you’ll be going further back than a bench or floor would allow. This means that you’ll need to set yourself up on a BOSU Ball. This will allow you to extend your upper half even further back, activating the upper abs to a level you’ve never felt before.

Watch a great video tutorial here.

  1. Wheel Roll Out

If there’s an abdominal exercise that will challenge each section AND command better balance, it’s the Ab Wheel Roll Out. Present in all gyms and very inexpensive to buy, the Ab Wheel is a basic wheel with a handle. The idea is to keep your lower body stationary and your upper body straight as you roll yourself out. The abdominals are performing all of the work to roll you out AND roll you back in. Understandably, this one might be tough to start with so do as many repetitions as you can without breaking form. Each workout, add one more repetition to complete.

Watch a great video tutorial here.

  1. Bicycle

This classic abdominal exercise activates your obliques and hip flexors as well. The back and forth, side to side motion that you get from the Bicycle Crunch is ideal for sculpting your abdominals and adding the definition you want to your sides. The Bicycle Crunch works by alternating your elbow to knee motion across the body. This will force the body to form those mind to muscle connections, which only benefit the way you look. It’s very important here to fully contract the abdominals during the entire exercise. Also, be sure to bring your elbow fully across the body to touch the knee. This will ensure complete range of motion.

Watch a great video tutorial here.

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  • Great workouts!


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