3 Ways to Burn Fat, Build Muscle While Watching TV

Television time is supposed to be relaxing time but sometimes we can all over do it. Who says you can’t also make it a time to be productive with your weight loss goals? Inactivity is one of the primary contributors to being overweight. Yes, you need to diet but you also need to become more physically active to see the best results. If you need to sit down to watch your favorite shows, try one of the following 3 tips and tricks to amplify your fat burning.

  1. Take the Time to Cleanse

Cleanse drinks, or detox drinks, are all the rage right now so why not take the time to make one and drink it up to support your weight loss and overall health?

Cleanse drinks consist of certain herbal remedies, vegetables, and fruits. They work to provide the body with essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc. in order to improve your health, remove toxins, and promote weight loss.

Here’s a great recipe you can use with minimal effort:

  • Take 2 lemons and squeeze the juice into a glass
  • Throw in a slice from one of the lemons
  • Mince 1 inch of fresh skinned ginger into the glass
  • Toss in a pinch of Cheyanne pepper
  • Top off with warm water, stir and sip slowly
  1. Get Moving While Watching

If you really want to boost your caloric burn then get up and get moving while your favorite show is on. Try marching in place for the entire 30 minute show. Step it up a notch and do a 100s workout during the commercial break. For example:

  • For the first commercial break, do 100 push-ups.
  • For the second commercial break, do 100 squats.
  • For the third commercial break, do a plank for 100 seconds.

The idea is to enjoy your favorite show WHILE you are being physically active. This will promote a high level of calorie burning.

  1. Wear a Sauna Suit

What if all you had to do to increase your body’s metabolic rate was wear something?

The Kutting Weight sauna suit is easy, effective, and scientifically proven. Made with a special, comfortable and durable neoprene material, the Kutting Weight neoprene sauna suit has been shown in several studies to promote a healthy weight loss. Subjects saw the following benefits:

  • Increased calorie burning by up to 13%
  • EPOC levels (calories you burn post-workout) were raised by 22%
  • Most importantly, subjects saw a 40% greater overall weight loss

Achieve your weight loss goals today with the neoprene weight loss suit from Kutting Weight.

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Dalleck, Lance. (2015) “Acute Benefits of Exercise with the Kutting Weight® Sauna Suit: Technical Report” Gunnison, CO. Western State Colorado University.

Dalleck, Lance. (2015) “Chronic Health and Performance Benefits of Exercise with

the Kutting Weight® Sauna Suit: Technical Report” Gunnison, CO. Western State Colorado University.

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