Top 5 Ways to Look and Feel Younger

Let’s face it: All of us want to look and feel younger.


Turning back the clock is usually associated with large bank accounts and going under the knife (and wishing for the best). If you are looking to take off years from your appearance and body without breaking your bank or your body, this one is for you. Let’s jump into the top 5 natural ways you can look and feel younger.


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Exercising on a regular basis does more than keep you fit and healthy, it also helps promote a well-toned and youthful appearance. Keep in mind that you will only attain those results if you make a plan and execute it week after week.


Ideally, you should exercise or be engaged in physical activity for around 30 minutes daily. This could be a walk through the park or a full-on workout in the gym. The more intense your workouts, the less days you need to complete them. For example, a high intensity workout may only require 20 or 30 minutes, 3 days per week. Aside from attaining your ideal weight and physique, you’ll also be lowering your risk for chronic illness.


Moisturize Your Skin

This is absolutely imperative if you want smooth and healthy looking skin. It becomes even more compelling for those who have dry skin or live in a city that experiences dry weather. Dry skin is prone to wrinkles and if you’re living in a dry weather climate, you are increasing your chances for pre-mature wrinkles.


In order to avoid this, you must regularly moisturize your skin to soften it and thus prolong its life. It is widely believed that excessive dirt and dust leads to acne, which make your skin look dull and less youthful. Make sure you use a natural moisturizer once or twice per day, depending on your needs.


Intermittent Fasting

This may come as a surprise to many, but intermittent fasting can be used for more than weight loss, muscle building, and recovery. It can also help you look and feel younger! Recent research reveals that people are aging faster primarily because of their lifestyles. While this is worrying, aging can be kept in check by eating a balanced diet as well as fasting every now and then. Fasting helps in rejuvenating your skin as well as your general well-being.



It has been proven that meditation leads to slower aging, at least at the cellular level. Extensive research proves that the telomeres of those who consistently meditated were significantly longer than those who did not meditate. Telomeres are a relatively new discovery that are important because they act as a measurement for the aging process. Longer telomeres may mean better overall health.


young, exercise, benefits

Wear a Sauna Suit

Saunas have long been used to promote youthfulness and overall health. When a daily spa visit isn’t an option, the next best thing is a Kutting Weight sauna suit.


The neoprene sauna suit captures the same environment that you’ll find within a real sauna. Wearing it on a regular basis helps to detox, which cleanses the body and removes impurities. In regards to your face, removing impurities allows for that young, fresh glow.


The Kutting Weight sauna suit has a number of other benefits attached to it, including boosting energy, improving cognitive function, and supporting long term weight loss. All of these things together will help you look and feel years younger.


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